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Sean Glaze delivers engaging keynotes and fun team building events that help smart leaders (like you) to build more connected teams – lifting your people to a new level of collaboration and productivity! 

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Sean delivers laugh-out-loud interactive experiences that transform enjoyable “Ha-Ha” moments into powerful “A-Ha!” insights.



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The experience we had was really remarkable… 

I have had numerous employees tell me how much they enjoyed

the event and how helpful they thought it was… Employees are

going out of their way to be helpful to one another.

                                                                                                        — Diedre Plato, Midtown Neurology                                                      







Every workplace has teamwork challenges.

Even good people, with different personality types and backgrounds, sometimes don’t communicate as well as they could. Sometimes people become disconnected. Others feel stressed out. Expectations are misunderstood, cliques form, and the lack of cohesiveness hurts your organization’s productivity… day after day after day.

The truth is that most people really do want to make a positive contribution.

They just may not be aware of the patterns of beliefs and behaviors that are keeping them apart. So how do you get everyone on the same page with a positive attitude?

How do you get even a virtual workforce to support and collaborate with each other?


When you bring Sean in for team building events

People arrive, curious, not sure what to expect. Sean is warm and engaging as he introduces himself. His smiles and energy are soon reflected in smiles around the room. In the introductory keynote talk, he touches on common workplace issues with entertaining stories that make your group laugh, because they recognize their own tendencies.

Then the team building activities begin. As they work together through each challenge, people find themselves cooperating in new ways.

Some flex their leadership skills. Others become better listeners.  

Sean keeps things moving, and people are having a great time. Throughout the training program, Sean conducts insightful ‘debriefing’ discussions that connect the activities to your real-world workplace issues. 

That’s when people ‘get it.’ 

That’s what makes the lessons last… 


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