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A Few of Sean’s Happy Client Comments


 five star rating

The experience we had was really remarkable – To be honest with you, a number of employees were dreading the event, and those same employees ended up loving it!  I have had numerous employees tell me how much they enjoyed the event and how helpful they thought it was. One employee commented that she had done team building exercises at previous work places and they were nowhere near as great as the experience she had with you.   

As a result of you being here, two employees that had never gotten along have made a commitment to work together and be friendly and professional to one another. I notice a positive difference with the staff and they notice the change also. Employees are going out of their way to be helpful to one another… everyone had a lot of fun, too!!!!

Deirdre Plato, Midtown Neurology   


 five star rating

Thank you so much for facilitating our annual staff meeting!  The Great Results Teambuilding event was better than we anticipated.  Our people laughed, participated, and encouraged each other more at this event than any we’ve had in our long history of annual staff meetings.

We especially appreciated your unassuming demeanor and relatable style.  You did an excellent job of making a point, giving pause for reflection, and letting each participant conclude what each activity meant to them.  I am confident the lessons, affirmations, and bonds from this day will last long into the future at out dental practice.  Many shared that this was a great day of renewal that will transcend our company team and apply to their personal lives.

We appreciate the time you took prior to the day to discuss our dental practice and customize the exercises and discussions for our company and team dynamics.  We will happily recommend you to improve teams in any industry or setting.

Michele Lurvey, Traverse Dental Associates


 five star rating

 Thank you again for leading our staff retreat.  I wasn’t quite sure what to expect, but I can tell you that I was very impressed and highly satisfied with what we received.  I have heard numerous positive comments regarding the time we spent together. 

Not only was the day enjoyable, but it was also very productive.  The activities were fun and kept everyone engaged.  More importantly, the reflection time and sharing after each activity solidified our end goal for the day, which was to bring our staff closer together so that we can work as a cohesive unit.  I have already highly recommended you to one of my colleagues!

Alex Porto, SJNRCS Principal


 five star rating

 It was an amazing experience for all involved, and we are still feeling that sense of camaraderie to this day!  Thank you for a great event.  Thanks, again, for your sharing with us your expertise… 

The morale is still high!

Sherry Crawford, Wakeland High School    


five star rating


I received GREAT feedback from the attendees that they thoroughly enjoyed your presentation and activities.  Your interactions with the group ensured everyone had a wonderful time.  I want to personally thank you for making our meeting so successful.  The meeting came off without a hitch!

I especially enjoyed the partner quiz and helium stick activities as they taught us new things about our teammates and required good communication to complete the task.  Thanks again on behalf of the attendees for making the meeting a fun and exciting team building experience!

Jason Shumaker, Pike Construction Company


   five star rating

What a fun bonding time we all had!  Each activity was structured such that, although it was great fun, it always had a deeper intention of building connections with and understanding of others.  Many came to me afterward and expressed what a fun and important experience the morning had been.   I highly recommend Great Results Teambuilding – lots of fun and laughter with lots of important “takeaways.” 

 Gayle Greenwood, The Lovett School


 five star rating

I laughed so hard at times, my stomach hurt! The exercises were very creative and encouraged everyone to participate… it brought us together, in teams and as a whole, to come up with solutions or showed us the importance of why communication and teamwork are critical to success.

Not ever a dull moment.  I think that it will help me in many ways… I really enjoyed Sean and I hope that he will be kept in mind the next time that we have a team building event!

 Nicole Stroupe, Ivan Alllen Workspace


five star rating

I just want to thank you again for coming up to work with our team.  Every year when we add new players, I look forward to our time with you.  The team always seems to be more together after you leave.  I strongly believe that chemistry in any team is a difference maker, but especially in basketball. 

The exercises that you do and your vast knowledge of bringing a team together is beneficial not only to the players but to the coaches as well… We definitely look forward to having you back again!

Joe McAleer, MD Belles Basketball Program


five star rating


Sean facilitated a 3 hour team building workshop for my company’s annual kick-off event. His personal experience as a coach and perspective on what makes teams great was inspiring. Plus, his variety of out-of-your-seat activities kept my team active, engaged and smiling.

Most of all, he invested time with me getting know our business and understand our challenges prior to the event, in order to tailor his presentation for the audience and be on-point with his message

Kelly Clark, Director of Marketing at MDI Group


five star rating


Our group really had a great time, and enjoyed the hands-on/movement activities the most…  I personally believe that they have learned more than they realize and will “unconsciously” apply the principles to their daily interactions. It was a great success!

 Christy Epps, Commerce High School


five star rating


We just got done seeing Sean and I have to say, he was unbelievable!  

He was very insightful, very powerful, and got us engaged with one another. He was fantastic and I highly recommend him.

Jason Cass, IIABA 


 five star rating

What a great time our team experienced with Sean’s team building exercises.  They were not only challenged, but learned how to work together as a team and had loads of fun doing it.  I would recommend it to any group who wants to improve their performance – whether in sports, business, or education,

Colby Tilley, KSU Head Women’s Basketball Coach



 five star rating

Sean – Thanks so much for being our speaker at last month’s corporate meeting.

The feedback I got back from attendees was great.  In particular, many commented that what they liked most were the interaction among coworkers, the openness that your facilitation created, and the laughter that your activities provided.  Our people had fun getting to know their coworkers better!

 Elaine Ubakanma, H R Director, H. J. Russell & Company


    five star rating

“Sean was a huge part of our success last year.  He spoke to our team on three separate occasions, and he was awesome!  Each message had memorable stories and take-aways that helped keep us focused and motivated.  I look forward to having him talk to our team again soon.”

Coach Kevin Orr, 2014 Wisconsin HS Basketball State Finalist



five star rating


The comments we heard from participants were overwhelmingly positive!

Your first presentation set the bar high, then you continued to get rave reviews from our second session attendees as well.  Thanks for a fun and energizing day with useful take-aways that really helped our people work together better!  

Val O’Brien, Southern Company 


 five star rating

I would absolutely recommend Sean Glaze for your next team building event.  He worked with my veteran staff and had us working together in ways that I couldn’t believe.  Because of his team building activities, we have had the best start ever to school.  He is truly one of a kind and we will definitely have him again to work with us.

 Rusty Petty, Ramer Elementary School



 five star rating

Our faculty had a great time. Activities were engaging, the room was full of laughter, and the lessons were spot on. Sean comes highly recommended.



 five star rating

I wanted to thank you for delivering such a refreshing afternoon of activities with our faculty and staff members last week.  It was such a nice change of pace compared to other meetings that often leave us feeling split, defensive, drained and unmotivated.  

Although we are one school, we still operate as three divisions and your presentation and exercises provided an opportunity for us to mix and work together on teams across the board.  It was great to see the “typically-serious” teachers let their hair down and lead the participants and others who hold fast to their professional faces, just break down and “crack-up!”  After your departure, many teachers discussed how they were going to use many of the challenges that gave us with the students in their classrooms… it was a big HIT!

Dr. Mary Jane Gibson, Evansville Day School



  five star rating

I felt like we improved as the day went along.  It was very positive and the players have said so.  Wish I would’ve gone for a full day!  I Just Wanted to let you know how we did this season. 

We won the East Division Championship with a 12-0 divisional record.  Finished 21-7 and qualified for the NCAA tournament for the first time in 17 years.  I really feel like the team building we experienced with you helped our team… that day opened up their minds and hearts, and allowed everyone to express their thoughts.  YOU were a big part of our success!

Terry Fowler, UNA Head Women’s Basketball Coach



 five star rating

Sean was a great instructor.   I really enjoyed the program and it was one of the best I have been to.

Administrative Assistant, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission



 five star rating

We are off to a great start and have seen some POSITIVE leadership from those who haven’t done so in the past.  It was awesome!

Sara Janssen, Belmont Abbey Women’s Basketball Coach



five star rating


We were SO pleased.  I heard so many positive comments!  Several teachers said they were going to go home and do the activities with their own children, or use them with their Sunday School class etc. 

You were right on target with all of your explanations, and I will continue to encourage teachers throughout the year to live your messages.  It was a powerful and fun day!  Thanks for all you did to make it great.  I will keep in touch!

Cheri Borchardt, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Lorena ISD



five star rating


I had a great time, and have heard many other positive comments regarding the workshop,




 five star rating

Thank you for leading a fun, effective and insightful team-building session at our recent company retreat. (We) learned a lot about the importance of assembling a well-rounded, cohesive unit AND the need for each member to understand one another’s work style.  I have been hearing such positive feedback from our team about the team building morning with you!

Karen McNamara, Vice President Organ Wise Guys, Inc.




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