Culture Trumps Strategy

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And Team Building Helps You Create a Cohesive Culture


Organizational culture trumps strategy because the environment your people work in affects their effectiveness.  

Experiential Learning and team building activities are a powerful learning tool because they help to build a positive culture in five important ways:


1.They Get Everyone is Involved:  

The most effective way to learn something new skills is to actually do it. Remember the old saying- “I hear, I forget, I see, I remember, I do, I understand?”

Research shows that when your people just sit and listen, they retain less than 20% of what they hear.  When they are involved in active experiential learning they retain 90%!


2. They Offer Leadership Opportunities:

In every activity they will encounter, there is an opportunity for leadership.  This aspect of the fun and challenging activities is always addressed in our debriefing discussions. 

It is important to recognize the personality types and strengths in your group, then everyone will be better equipped to lead from where they are when you experience real adversity.


3. They Are All Safe and Fun Activities:

The Experiential Learning activities Sean  uses will offer all participants a safe and fun atmosphere to risk, learn, share ideas, and make mistakes.   

As you see below, our time together will be spent in a “no-judgment” zone, and there are no physically demanding tasks, so all of your people can participate!


4. They Build Knowledge and Relationships.

Team play allows your people to learn about each other and share laughter in a controlled situation.

Knowing how each of them handles obstacles or frustration is invaluable – for each activity is itself a microcosm of the challenges your team may be facing.  How do you communicate? What are your team personality types and individual strengths? Perhaps most importantly, an event provides opportunities for self-discovery!


5. They Provide Relevant Take-Aways:

Teambuilding challenges do more than just build trust and relationships among your people – they offer  lessons for more productive roles and interactions.  

Yes, the group will become more comfortable as members laugh together and become more familiar – but these same activities can each be utilized to pinpoint and improve on the issues your team may be unwilling to address.


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A Strong Team Culture Starts Here:


The Great Results Philosophy and “Ground Rules”


1. Think Creatively:  It’s not just “Okay” to challenge assumptions, it’s productive!

2. You Have Entered A No Judgment Zone:  Allow yourself and others the freedom to

share ideas without fear of rejection.  Encourage others, and enjoy yourself!

3. No Deposit, No Return:  The more you invest, the more you will get back in return!

4. Choose To Have Fun:  Participation in all activities is entirely by choice… just like smiling!


Telling is not Teaching…


For years, managers have focused their efforts on building a more efficient business model or corporate strategy, but those X’s and O’s, or your Employee Handbook, mean very little to your people until they buy in.

 Team cohesiveness is the results of connecting people to a shared goal and to each other.  The truth that all leaders eventually recognize is that efficient is not effective when it comes to people skills.

The soft stuff is always the hard stuff.

Culture trumps strategy, because if your people aren’t communicating or engaged in their work, productivity will suffer no matter how effective your mission statement or alignment might be…

 The engaging nature of experiential learning and team building activities produce improved office teamwork because they establish connections and create a shared sense of purpose while also strengthening relationships. 

Sean’s fun team building events, motivational keynote topics, or interactive custom workshops improve group performance and morale with challenging events that provide GREAT RESULTS.


Learn from successful organizations:



Sean has collected dozens of happy client comments from participants who have experienced and benefited from his messages and activities.  Building a stronger team culture has great rewards – including team focus, improvement in team morale, and improved interactions. 


Whether you are building classroom teams, athletic teams, or corporate teams, the results of a professionally facilitated team building event or interactive motivational keynote will be Great! 


Create Winning Attitudes by Providing Your People a Chance to Play Together!


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