Large Group Team Building Activities

large group team building


Connect Your Large Group With Team Building Activities…


Large groups are FUN!

You can have a great time connecting and creating opportunities for your people to interact and laugh together with Sean’s professionally facilitated events for large groups and conference events…

Sean is an experienced facilitator of large group team building activities – and his experiential learning activities can accommodate hundreds of participants with fun activities that involve pairs, groups of four, and whole audience interaction!


Team building for groups of 50 or more people require planning and professionalism to get the results you desire.  If you are looking for something that will inspire laughter and offer lessons that help your people become better teammates, Sean is your guy!  

Sean keeps your people engaged with paired activities, in groups of fours, and facilitates focused conversations that help your people strengthen relationships and build an awareness of differences and the unique talents each individual brings…



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Large Group Team Building is MORE Than Just Fun!


Whichever large group team building activities are used with your attendees, the key to a successful event is the IMPACT it has on future beliefs and behaviors.  That means you want more than just laughter – you want useful take-aways as well…

Sean will ensure that your people enjoy:

  • Relevance to their daily roles and responsibilities.
  • A safe, enjoyable and fun environment.
  • Enthusiasm and energy from the engaging activities he facilitates
  • Acknowledgement that people bring different skills and perspectives.
  • A quality debriefing discussion that draws out insights.
  • Actionable outcomes that can be applied immediately to improve your teamwork!


Help Your People Create the Connections They Crave


low_tech_events_teamworkFor major events, planning a way to ensure that everyone makes new connections, has a great time, and takes away useful and relevant lessons and ideas can be a tall order.  Sean is here to help…

Hundreds of people in an event space can present challenges that not every facilitator or speaker is comfortable with… Thankfully, Sean’s experience with team building activities for large groups can turn a portion of your event into a fun and effective way to strengthen bonds and communication among all people and departments!

Sean’s messages and entertaining style provide powerful insights and leadership applications that your people will benefit from the very next day!

Take a look at Sean’s Team Building Questions page to see a shortlist of his favorite activities…

Sean knows that your group’s productivity and success depends upon their ability to build trust, communicate more effectively, and laugh together… So how do you create quality connections and engagement with hundreds of people?

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