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team building for millennials


Have Fun and Improve Millennial Employee Engagement


By the year 2020, over half of all workers will be Millennials – and there are MANY benefits that a millennial team building event offers your organization!

Millennials often experience conflicts or communication issues with older generations… simply because there has been a significant shift in values that they have adopted.

 While many boomers loyally accepted the idea that “work” is a necessary commitment that required an independent drive and competitive work ethic, Millennials have grown up with a very different set of expectations…

The secret of integrating these younger workers successfully into your team and benefiting from a generationally diverse spectrum of workers is to create a better understanding and take advantage of their strengths.

Millennials want meaningful work that provides a work/life balance.  To get buy-in for your culture, and to create the connections and relationships that will allow them to develop and contribute, your organization will need to recognize their strengths and desires.

Team building for millennials involves creating group challenges, paired activities, and focused conversations that help your people strengthen relationships, build an awareness of differences, and increase appreciation of unique talents…


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Help Increase Buy-in and Strengthen Bonds


Having spent two decades in classrooms with the employees you are now hiring and working beside, Sean is uniquely qualified to help you plug into the potential they provide.

Your team building event will help all stakeholders understand how a strength can also become a weakness.  For example, Millennials have a tremendous gift with technology, but in many cases they have not developed the interpersonal soft skills that are required for business.

Millennials want to be in an environment that values their skills and rewards performance rather than positions.  They appreciate feedback and want to share their ideas – they crave connection and collaboration.

 Team building for millennials is a fun and effective way to strengthen bonds and communication among all people and departments!

A millennial team building event will improve your office morale and employee engagement, and will also provide useful insights for team development and offer individual leadership applications that your people will benefit from the very next day!

Your group’s productivity and success depends upon their ability to build trust, communicate more effectively, and laugh together to create buy-in for your goals and establish a shared vision and purpose…

So how do you create quality connections and increase buy-in with your millennials?

The answer is a professionally facilitated team building event with Sean!



Did You Know?


Organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5x more likely to retain the best people.

-Watson Wyatt (worldwide consulting firm)


60% of executives listed lack of collaboration as one of their top leadership challenges.

-American Management Association




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