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3 Ways to Create a Competitive Advantage for Your Team

There are so many ways to gain a competitive advantage for you and your team. I am sure each one is a valuable and helpful suggestion… Whether it is in a book, or on a video, or in a presentation – I assure you that they all have their roots in one of three important […]

Pearls of Wisdom and Growth are the Result of Irritating Coworkers

There is a difference between a minor irritating behavior and a malignant disease.   Let me begin by clarifying that this article is NOT an invitation to tolerate toxic teammates or to enable destructive behaviors. That said, we do exist in what is becoming an increasingly offended and overreactive society…   So – it is […]


Every cake you have ever eaten (if it was good) included at least these five main ingredients – because you cannot have an impressively delicious cake without them.   Similarly, in working with teams as a teamwork speaker and teambuilding event facilitator, I have found that all GREAT teams have the same five ingredients.   […]

Funny Office Awards – Don’t Earn the “Margo” for Being the Worst Teammate Ever

As a team leader, you need to recognize great effort to ensure it is appreciated and emulated. As a coach, one of the things I learned was that what gets rewarded gets repeated. So, to motivate our athletes we would give out post-game awards to celebrate the things we wanted our team to value and […]

Two Unexpected Ways to Earn the Attention of Your Distracted Team

You see it every day… Teammates get distracted constantly by the barrage of noise around them – and that means they do not pay as much attention to YOUR emails, conversations, texts, or smoke signals… It isn’t just millennials on your team who are distracted anymore.  It’s truly everyone. Yeah – even the old guy […]

Three Unexpected Ideas to Help Lead Your Team and Thrive in Change

If you lead a team, at some point you will need ideas to help them thrive in change. Change is inevitable.  Adaptation is not – but a refusal to adapt and grow is the first step to frustration and eventually result in team failure.   So in order to share a few unexpected ideas to […]

How to Clarify and Define Your Team Email Expectations and Digital Communication Agreements

Working with teams, one of the common issues is poor communication… That likely doesn’t surprise you.   But what might surprise you is that much of the issues that occur on teams – large and small – could have been avoided if they had BEGUN with a clear set of team expectations.   Want to […]

The Dynamics of Successfully Filling a Role on Your Team

Roles are an essential part of any team. Whether it is in sports or business, the better each individual buys into their role, the more successful the organization can become. On the flip side, if everyone is trying to do their own thing, or trying to be the star of the show, it seems like […]

How to Ensure Your Next Speaker Has a MEASURABLE IMPACT on Your Team

With many programs now being delivered virtually, the IMPACT of those events becomes a concern for many event planners and managers… As a basketball coach, one of the things that we did as a program to develop our team culture was bringing in outside speakers every couple of weeks throughout the season.  The guest speaker […]

In Adversity, What Type of Movie Do You Put Your TEAM In?

So – you hear the director say “ACTION!” You find yourself in the middle of a Hollywood motion picture… Are you in part of a horror movie? A romantic comedy? A suspenseful thriller? An action adventure? A war documentary?   Or, is it an inspirational comeback?   Winning teammates understand that ultimately it is THEIR […]