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Three Tips for Inspiring Innovation on Your Team

Whether in schools, athletics, or in corporations, inspiring innovation on your team in order to do something smarter, faster, or more effectively, is likely something your organization would benefit from. Innovation is a common buzz word now – but it is something that throughout history people have worked to accomplish in order to move their […]

Who is the Audience You Are Trying to Impress?

Everyone has an audience that they are trying to impress. As a leader or as a teammate on virtually any type of team, though, what few may realize is that WHO you seek to impress has a profound influence on what you do and how you choose to do it. Last Sunday, in church, our […]

Why Your Team May Need MORE Cliques and Silos

Do you know why cliques and silos form in your team or organization? It has nearly become cliché to hear from organizations that “our sales staff cannot stand to work with those service guys,” or “we have people inside our department that just won’t communicate!”  Many teams struggle with situations where different departments, or even […]

Symptoms are Seldom the True Cause of Team Issues

No matter what team issues your group is experiencing, odds are that the true cause of your pain is seldom cured by addressing only the symptoms. While I am certainly not a doctor, there are interesting correlations between how we manage both common medical issues and negative organizational behaviors. Have you ever had a headache? […]

To Increase Dependability, Ask Your Team to “Hold the Rope”

If you want your team to demonstrate and increase their dependability and leadership, then ask them to “hold the rope” Coach Jeff Tedford still has the most wins in the history of the California bears Football Program. He was known by many of his peers and players as “The Rope Guy.” He asks his athletes […]

Solutions for Leading the Unwilling

As a leader, you may sometimes feel like you are leading the unwilling and look for solutions that do not include nagging. It can be exhausting to feel that you are dragging your people behind you as if they were dead weight.  Their lack of enthusiasm or seeming unwillingness to make a sincere effort to […]

Seven Great Ways to Deal With Whiners on Your Team

 Virtually every office, faculty, or athletic group has at least one whiner, and the rest of the group find themselves looking for ways to deal with whiners. Whiners are just regular people with an irrational response to reality. The simple truth is that while most successful people invest their time in solving problems and taking […]

3 Keys That Inspire Employees to Claim Ownership

Most every client I speak to is interested in team building as a way to inspire employees to claim ownership and create a more cohesive culture. And I almost always share that yes, team building is a powerful tool for identifying team communication or leadership issues that can both be fun and offer insights and […]

Team Building is Essential Bridge Maintenance

When you think of famous bridges, team building is likely not on your list – but it is truly an essential bridge that needs maintenance to keep the people on your team working effectively together. What essential bridge did you think of?  Probably either the Golden Gate or the Brooklyn, depending upon which part of […]

Make Team Accountability Fun With a Consequence Bowl

If you would like to improve your team accountability, starting a fun “consequence bowl” tradition may be exactly what your people need. It should not only be the responsibility of the team leader to hold others on the team accountable. All team members or staff should actively claim ownership for their own behaviors and for […]