1 on 1 Private Coaching

The key to improving your team… is improving yourself!



Great Teams Are Built by Great Leaders!

Are you ready to catapult your personal productivity to the next level? 

After working with thousands of athletes and corporate team members, Sean has found that one of the most significant predictors of a team’s success is the quality of its leadership.

John Maxwell writes that “Leadership is influence,” and since influence is not determined by the position you fill, ANYONE CAN CHOOSE TO LEAD from where they are!  Sean partners with passionate leaders to guide them through a three month system of personal growth.


 …Have you just accepted a new position as a team leader?

   …Are you an established leader seeking more significant success?

   …Is your team just not performing as well as you would like?

If ANY of those describe you, consider the tremendous positive impact that a 1 on 1 team leadership coach could have on your future performance. 


Valuable Benefits of 1 on 1 Leadership Coaching:


1.   Someone to Identify Your  Strengths and Blind Spots

You cannot see the label if you are stuck inside the jar…  Sometimes as leaders we struggle to see our own strengths clearly.

And sometimes that also translates into an inability to recognize our “blind spots” as well.  Your coaching program includes a Style of Influence assessment to identify your “default” personal leadership style, and Sean will help you to identify your strengths and how you can improve your leadership with others who compliment your personality.


2.   Someone to Motivate You and Hold You Accountable

How many times were you going to DO something, but never followed through?

How much different would your life be today if ninety days ago you had someone to encourage and hold you accountable for your progress? Sean brings enthusiasm, experience, and tough expectations – but mostly he provides the support and the framework of accountability that will keep you focused on doing what needs to get done within an agreed upon window of time.


3.   Someone to Ask You the Right Questions

The right questions can help business leaders to anticipate changes, seize opportunities, and move their organizations in new directions. Sean is an experienced facilitator and leadership coach who knows the RIGHT QUESTIONS to ask.

These biweekly conversations will keep you focused on the right priorities and clear away the fog so you are doing the right things for the right reasons.

In It’s Simplest Form, Sean’s 1 on 1
Coaching Process Will Define:


  1. Where do you want yourself (and your team) to be in the future?


  2. Where do you find yourself (AND YOUR TEAM) currently?


  3. What specific action steps do you need to take to get there?

Leadership occurs one conversation at a time, and each of your scheduled coaching
sessions will provide action steps to be completed before our next meeting.


Still Reading?

If you are truly committed to improving yourself and your team performance with leadership coaching, schedule a complimentary 20 minute initial consultation today! 

Will 3 Months of 1 on 1 Team Leadership = Success?


But yes – the program and  Sean’s coaching process is designed to take you from the early in your team leadership experience and through the adversity and challenges of your current situation so that your entire team is engaged and prepared with tools to contribute and succeed together.

You will complete the process having become a better communicator, with improved time management skills and a clearer vision of your priorities.

Great Teams Require Great Team Leaders!


Sean loves the relationships and results that one-on-one coaching provides, but has limited time available for it.

Therefore,he is very selective and requires a significant investment.  This program is not for venting frustrations, assigning blame, or making excuses… 

Rather, it is an opportunity to take responsibility for results… and to TAKE ACTION.


GET FREE access to OVER 50 useful handouts and
activities for smart team leaders!

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So, if You’re Committed to Growth, Here is What to Expect:


red_check        A personalized plan of attack to clarify your goals and emphasize your strengths

red_check TWO scheduled thirty minute virtual coaching calls via phone or Skype each month 

red_check Unlimited email consultation to address unexpected issues or opportunities

red_check Tremendous support and an unflinching accountability partner

red_check Honest and objective one on one feedback to help you improve team performance

red_check Recommendations for useful tools, books, articles, and resources to lead your team

red_check A free initial phone consultation to determine if you are a fit for the program