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Team Personality Types Assessment


Ready to improve teamwork and make group interactions more productive?

Learn about YOUR team personality types with an assessment tool described below, and take a powerful step toward building better communication.

Everyone on your team has value and can contribute, but there are likely times that you wonder why your teammates do what they do


Learn About Your Teammates –
and Their Style of Influence!


As a team leader, it can be tremendously helpful to gain more knowledge about yourself and those on your team concerning personal styles of influence.  Each individual has unique behavioral tendencies and strengths which influence everything from group interactions to their preferred tasks and focus.

According to many psychologists, “the foundation of personal and professional success lies in understanding others, knowing yourself, and realizing the impact of your actions and attitudes.”

Instruments like the DISC model (which the animal types below are based upon) are proven as valid assessments, and are a valuable way to better understand yourself and your teammates.


 For Quick Assessments, “Animal Types” are Fun…

The teams that may be looking for a useful but less comprehensive team personality instrument are often happy to learn about themselves and their teammates through the shorter and less thorough “Animal Personality Types” quiz that will help to identify them as one of four animal styles:

(Otter, Lion, Golden Retriever, or Beaver!)

Developed by Gary Smalley, the Animal Styles roughly relate to the very well-known DiSC personality inventories that have been widely used.  For athletic teams or work groups who are simply seeking an accurate but less comprehensive option, this is a brief and enjoyable option.

After each participant completes a short questionnaire, we take a moment to score and discuss each individual’s results.  This offers a useful self-assessment of personal behaviors and preferences, and is a great opportunity to better understand why our teammates act the way they do…


 For More Comprehensive Client Needs,

Sean Uses the More Detailed “TEAMSIGHT”


Sean is a certified consultant trained as a group facilitator to discuss and help your group apply the results of every TEAMSIGHT Assessment Instrument.

TEAMSIGHT is a comprehensive 84 question online assessment that measures and reports on your key behaviors and individual characteristics.  It takes roughly 20 minutes to complete, but provides a tremendous tool for groups to benefit from identifying their team personality types.

If you are interested in using the TEAMSIGHT assessment to improve team dynamics in your group, contact Sean to learn how your team can take advantage of the assessment.

Your people can take the quiz prior to our scheduled workshop date, and we will be able to focus our time on interpreting and applying your team results.

Every team member will get a three page “snapshot” and Sean will deliver a sixteen page “detailed report” to explain their individual scores and shares insightful details about their preferred ways of seeing and interacting with the world around them.



Each individualized report offers you and your team key understandings about your strengths and challenges.  As your consultant, Sean will provide your online access to the test and work together with you to interpret the results and identify how your team’s performance can be enhanced by the TEAMSIGHT insights and information.

If you are experiencing high employee turnover, frustrated with conflict resolution issues, or just want to identify the team personality types in your organization to help influence your future assignment of roles and responsibilities based on their personal strengths, the TEAMSIGHT profile is a valid and powerful instrument that hundreds of thousands of people have already benefited from.


The TEAMSIGHT Profile Places You on a Sliding Scale

in Four Distinctly Important Areas:

For organizations that are serious about maximizing their team’s potential, the TEAMSIGHT Assessment is a tremendously useful tool.  Yes, it is important to get the right people on your bus – but if you have good people you need to get them in the right seats and working in their preferred capacity – otherwise there is a potential for conflict or lack of productivity.



Interested in Scheduling an “Animal Types” or a “TEAMSIGHT” Personality Styles Workshop?