CustoM Workshops

on Specific Issues

2-3 Hour Programs to Focus on Your Teamwork Issues


Custom 2-3 hour Team Training Workshops are a Tremendous Catalyst for Teamwork

Each training topic helps your participants to become a more connected and proactive member of your organization. The length of each session makes them convenient, and the impact of the take-aways will be powerful… and lasting.

When Sean takes the stage as a teamwork facilitator, you’ll see people lean forward. Then you can sit back and relax, knowing you made the right choice.


Customized Workshops

Focus on Specific Teamwork Issues

In addition to the fun and engaging full or half-day experiential team building event options and the engaging conference keynotes that Sean offers, your team can also benefit from workshops that have been specifically designed to focus on common team issues…

Does Your team need to dive deeper?

Team building events often uncover issues that your team may need to address. Sean offers a number of two-three hour team training custom workshops that address specific teamwork issues based on your situation. 

Some clients choose to include one of these as part of their full-day event program or as a breakout session following one of Sean’s keynotes to ensure that their teams benefit from the take-aways and knowledge they need to emphasize.

Workshops delivered at your site!

Each of Sean’s custom workshops can provide a convenient, engaging, and powerful boost to your team’s productivity.

Choose one of the below workshop topics as a stand-alone training session for your management team, or as part of your upcoming annual training conference plans, to ensure your people truly enjoy and are impacted by their leadership development experience.

Ready to help your group to build connections, boost morale, and boost team productivity?

Look over the topics below, and then contact Sean to schedule a training experience that will energize your people and equip them with the tools to work together more productively.

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Workshops That Focus on Goals:


Workshops That Focus on Relationships:


Workshops That Focus on Expectations:


Workshops That Focus on Accountability:


Workshops That Focus on Toasts:


*Special Training Programs For Educators:




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