Why Teambuilding?

 Success Starts with a Shared Vision and a Culture of Teamwork

Team Building is Important Because Your Success Starts with a Shared Vision and a Culture of Teamwork

Prospective clients or event planners often wonder why teambuilding is important.

When working to create a solid and successful culture of teamwork in any organization, there is a need to establish trust among team members.  This begins with learning to communicate effectively and appreciate teammate strengths…

You may have heard of groups enjoying superior success because of concerted team efforts, but have you ever experienced it?

That sense of unity is one of the most powerful feelings you could enjoy, and is available to those who inspire cohesiveness and a commitment to building teamwork through experiential activities. Sean is a team building facilitator – but that title is a bit misleading…

While a facilitator by definition makes things easier, Sean takes pride in being an Instigator who uses his collection of interactive challenges as a catalyst to inspire conversations.

Motivational team training workshops that use experiential activities are proven to be the single most effective way to increasing success and group effort, whether it is for your classroom, your business or your athletes. TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES are an effective way to reduce stress, improve attitudes and get your group to learn how to work together toward team goals.

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Still Wondering Why Team Building is Important?


Experiential activities are a proven tool to help your people:

…adapt to change

…improve attitudes & reduce stress,

share laughter and smiles,

build connections that inspire collaboration

Nobody in your organization wants to sit passively through a high-priced guru’s lecture or theories about teamwork.  A Great Results event is a unique mixture of hands-on and out-of-your-chair interactive fun, paired with an impactful debriefing session to connect lessons to your specific situation.

Everyone involved will leave energized with laughter, and will (even more importantly) be able to immediately apply the insights to improve your organizational culture and productivity.

When change occurs in any organization (school administration, office management, or coaching staff) there is always a need to focus on building teamwork and clarifying team goals to build trust and morale that will ultimately help your group reach team goals –

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How Does an Improved Team Affect Your Bottom Line?

Experiential team building challenges are fun, memorable, and effective tools for quickly improving your team’s trust and accountability – they foster relationships and develop leadership skills… and provide a tremendous return on your investment!

Sean has even written an article for you that shares helpful information about team building ROI.

And just for good measure, here are a few interesting and convincing research-based quotes:


“60% of executives listed a lack of quality collaboration as one of their top leadership challenges.” (American Management Association , 2005)  

“U.S. companies lose $3 billion a year to the effects of negative attitudes and behaviors at work.” (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2000)

87% of workers worldwide who, as Gallup puts it, “are emotionally disconnected from their workplaces and less likely to be productive.”  (Gallup, 2013)

Organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5 times more likely to retain the best people.” ~ (Watson Wyatt Worldwide Consulting, 2004)

“Organizations with highly engaged employees have twice the annual net income of companies with less engaged employees.” (Kenexa, 2012)

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Teambuilding is Important for Developing Your People!


Trust is a positive assumption based on previous actions, and it is established when team members allow themselves to become vulnerable and accept teammate ideas, remaining committed to achieving the team’s identified goal instead of wasting energy protecting egos…


Accountability is claiming ownership and taking initiative to finish a project or fix a problem.  It is important that expectations are published and measured regularly. Team members must recognize the need to connect, encourage, and have tough conversations that include positive conflict to ensure all teammates understand the impact of their actions…



Wondering What Your Team Building Event Might Look Like?