Fun Ways to Engage Your Event Audience 

Fun Conference Ideas to Connect Attendees

Your next meeting or annual event is a chance to motivate and connect your team.

If you are looking for opening fun conference ideas to team build and bring people together or energize your group, consider including a team building speaker!  Sean incorporates fun activities into his teamwork or leadership messages to keep your audience engaged, create connections, and emphasize the key ideas you want attendees to remember.

The truth is that, at the end of many conferences, the audience leaves with sore backsides from sitting through a series of boring, traditional presentation.  That doesn’t happen with Sean!

Whether as a virtual team culture speaker or in person, your audience will laugh and interact and leave with memorable and relevant take-aways…

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In addition to inspiring laughter and connections…

Sean will also:

  • Boost the energy and get your attendees more engaged
  • Help create more productive and meaningful relationships
  • Breakdown barriers and encourage collaboration 
  • Provide a positive experience and increase future attendance

Whether you need someone opening your conference to provide powerful ice-breakers that inspire your people to interact with one another to forge relationships, or are looking for an early afternoon session speaker to energize and team build your group, Sean provides fun conference ideas and experiences that won’t be forgotten.

You want your people to have a great experience and remain alert and attentive throughout the entire day… and who you choose to invite as your presenters will have a huge influence on how successful the conference is for your audience.

Sean is committed to working together with meeting professionals to ensure that the audience leaves more connected, with memorable and actionable insights.   To do that, stay away from the passive presentations they dread, and include more of the experiences they dream of…

And AFTER the event, you can continue the impact with a team leadership masterclass to ensure a positive transformation of your team culture!


Give Your People the Experience They Dream of:

When you invite Sean to INTERACT with your people…

Sean brings enthusiasm, interaction, and relevant content, incorporating out-of-your-seat paired and whole group activities that get your audience involved in and experiencing the message.  Your group will not only connect and team build, they will internalize the take-aways.

The entire audience is laughing, energized, and impacted by the message.

Download Sean’s Speaker Packet to learn more about his interactive program options…

Planning a retreat to energize and connect your group?

The more you involve and engage your audience, the more they  will remain attentive and retain the information shared…

Instead of just sharing content, Sean creates EXPERIENCES that help his messages stick – and that is what helps your people apply the ideas to their life and future interactions.

The take-aways last much longer and have real impact!

Sean is an experienced and engaging speaker who has shared his customized teamwork and leadership keynotes with teacher groups, medical conferences, construction companies, athletic programs, and organizations just like yours!

All attendees hope for a high-quality learning experience where they can interact and share ideas with the people around them.  They want a framework of information and conversation to create connections, not just amass more knowledge.

Sean’s experience with large group team building activities ensures your event will be a hit!


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You may also want to consider the following questions:


… how do you plan to add a bit of memorable “fun” to your event?

…instead of theater style seating, could you use round tables to promote conversations?

… have you planned for a way to energize them during any afternoon lull?

… would they benefit from a Q & A session following a chosen presenter’s remarks?

… are they being given enough opportunity to connect and share ideas with each other?

… will you be incorporating social media or electronic surveys for each speaker?

… will there be enough refreshments to keep them hydrated and alert?

… will the event presenters treat them like active learners or passive containers?

… how will you help them to take action on the many conference ideas they hear?

… is there a specific theme to tie it all together?


(see Sean’s blog on conference theme ideas!)