The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates

An Entertaining Story With Vital Lessons to Improve Your Value… and Impact 

What is a Winning Teammate?


Winning Teammates are the people that make it possible for any group to succeed.  Winning Teammates are the people who others depend on… the people who others want to work with

Winning Teammates bring more than just technical skills – they have interpersonal skills that every great organization needs to create and maintain a positive and productive culture. Without the focus on being a winning teammate, toxic talent becomes less and less valued – and behaviors that are tolerated early on will eventually lead to issues.

Life is a Team Sport – And Winning Teams Need Winning Teammates!



Talent is Essential, But Never Sufficient!


Teammates are often chosen based on their technical skills… but their projects usually succeed or fail based on their interpersonal skills.

In the book, you meet Nick Turner, a talented employee who finds himself changing jobs – again.   

While packing to move, he finds an old piece of paper tucked away in a shoe box… a forgotten gift from his high school coach with a list of ways to be a winning teammate.   Looking back on his athletic career, Nick realizes it was very similar to what he is experiencing in his professional career.  He had worked hard to become a great player – but he could have had more success if he had focused on the list…  he could have been a better teammate.

As he travels to his new job, he has a series of interesting interactions that illustrate the importance of the 10 commandments his coach had emphasized years earlier.  The ten lessons that Nick benefits from during his journey to his next job will inspire you to be a winning teammate – regardless of the industry you work in. 



“Sean is a master at telling stories… and this book isn’t just a story. It’s a collection of incredible stories within a story — each one enjoyable and encapsulating a transformational truth that will help you be someone’s ‘best teammate ever.’” 

– Kevin Monroe, Executive Coach and Founding Steward of Living Your WHY

“Sean Glaze will take you on a trip of reflection and emotion. The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates will force you to look at your own life and in so doing, will point out that anyone’s journey will improve by adhering to these ten powerful principles.”

– Bob Rathbun, Atlanta Hawks TV Broadcaster and Keynote Speaker

“Ten terrific reminders make this a must read for anyone who works with others.  Grab a copy for your whole department!   You will be more profitable and more productive!”

– Jill Lublin, International speaker and Best selling author

“Hundreds of books tell you how to lead, but Sean has provided a fundamental guide for every person to be the team mate they want to work with. Follow these ten commandments to productivity, influence, and success.”

– David Dye, Author of Winning Well: A Manager’s Guide to Getting Results

“The thought wasn’t bold or loud, but it whispered

insistently to him.  It was echoing what he had said to

other people so often in his young management career:


‘If you knew better, you would do better.’”

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Life is a team sport.

Winning Teammates are the GLUE that hold teams together… that keep them focused and performing well.

You will enjoy the story and the lessons it shares.

More importantly, you will enjoy the positive impact it has on your personal and professional success when you apply the lessons in your life.     

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