Team Building  Events


Strengthen Your Culture and Improve Team Accountability and Communication With Interactive Fun


Team Building for Athletes… Delivered by a coach who has been where you are.

Develop the positive chemistry and communication you desire with a full or half-day event that transforms your group of individuals into a stronger team.

Athlete Team Building Events are More Than Just a Day of Play

Yes, the laughter will be real and the relationships strengthened – but the take-aways from insightful debriefing discussions address real-world workplace issues.

Research has shown experiential activities are the most effective way to ensure engagement and lasting impact. As a veteran teacher and coach, Sean skillfully facilitates fun challenges that provide outcomes your people can apply –

Sean also offers Custom Workshops that dig deeper to address your specific workplace challenges, helping your organization see issues from a fresh perspective and resolve them to become a more productive team.

The Benefits of Team Building Events

Preseason Challenges Develop Leaders and Better Teamwork


Whether you’re looking for a preseason athletic team building event or an in-season group event to energize your athletes and address specific teamwork issues, a day of challenging team activities can have a tremendous impact on the leadership and cohesiveness in your program. 

More than any other area, athletic experiences and examples have provided a warehouse for nostalgia and life-long lessons of mental toughness, interdependence, and leadership.

Teamwork, mental toughness and self-talk are FAR MORE IMPORTANT than the strategy of X’s and O’s that many leaders spend so much time with.  Coaches are often amazed to see the impact and results that athletic team building, shared team goals, or a motivational speaker can have on transforming athletes into a committed team with a shared purpose who care for their teammates.

Teamwork is about relationships and accountability

Those values will remain with your players long after their uniform is returned.  While giving yourself a more successful season, you are also giving those athletes the tools for a more successful and significant life by introducing them to steps that will improve their mental toughness, create better self-talk, and promote team accountability. 

Performing well requires better teamwork – and even when some don’t get the spotlight of recognition, they are there making team successes possible.  The greatest thing you can become a small contributing part of SOMETHING GREATER than yourself.

Develop the Mental Toughness to Overcome Adversity…

Rest assured that the new drill or offense you have been watching on video’s or going to clinics to discover will NEVER have half the impact of a preseason  athletic team building event – where your athletes improve team leadership skills and learn to trust one another.

Give your athletes a chance to create stronger bonds while becoming more aware of the strengths and personalities of those they will be depending on.  

GREAT RESULTS wait on the other side of your decision to book Sean to facilitate challenging and fun activities that provide lasting lessons – and provide a handful of the Winning Phrases that will impact your program for years!

Whether you choose an in-person or a virtual team culture event, Sean will customize the experience to address the issues that YOUR team is experiencing… and will deliver insights and increased awareness that change behaviors! 

The athletic team building lessons your athletes will enjoy during a preseason or mid-season event are each designed to inspire mental toughness, accountability, and problem-solving, and will also help to identify and improve team communication skills in people you will depend on throughout your season. 

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Did You Know?

Organizations that communicate effectively are 4.5x more likely to retain the best people.

-Watson Wyatt (worldwide consulting firm)

U.S. companies lose $3 billion a year to the effects of negative attitudes at work.

    -The Bureau of Labor Statistics

60% of executives listed lack of collaboration as one of their top leadership challenges.

         -American Management Association


Sean Glaze strengthens the bonds between your athletes

and increases their understanding of team roles.


Every year brings adversity, but the interactive activities and group challenges your team will experience with me as your facilitator or motivational speaker will prepare them to move beyond adversity to achieve your goals with better teamwork.


All mental toughness and team trust building activities are followed up by a debriefing discussion where your team will apply the lessons to their specific situation


Most importantly, your athletes will discuss and reflect on team goals and roles, peer accountability, and the effect of self-talk on performance…


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