How to Increase attendance, engagement and impact at your next conference!

One of the things that I am most proud of as a teamwork and teambuilding speaker is the audience engagement during my programs and the impact that is seen following them.

As a coach and teacher for two decades, I learned what most experienced event professionals also know – that TELLING IS NOT TEACHING!


That is why, as a meeting planner, you want the speaker you hire to be interactive… because people remember experiences and the experiences carry the insights that they can apply to be a better teammates and leaders!


But if you want to increase attendance and engagement and really impact the audience at your next conference, we need to focus on more than the message.


We need to frame the conference experience to ensure it adds value by changing behaviors!


As a teamwork speaker, I have found that you can increase attendance and engagement by taking steps PRIOR to the event by building anticipation of the content and helping attendees get excited about the value of the program.


And AFTER the event, you want to provide follow-up content and interaction and reminders to help attendees connect the dots and turn information into action.


Here are a few effective ideas to boost attendance, anticipation, and application of the conference keynotes I deliver before the event:

Pre-event options to consider adding engagement:

– Podcast interview

– Article for your newsletter

– Tweet chat on your topic or theme

– 60 second Video teaser

– 30-day social media promotional blast

– Online survey to clarify desired emphasis of talk

– Email to your audience



And here are a few effective ideas to boost attendance, anticipation, and application of the conference keynotes I deliver following the event:


Post-event options to consider for adding impact:

– Winning Teammate “Action Tips” 12-part video program

– A copy of Sean’s book for each attendee

– 90-day coaching for your team leader(s)

– Custom resource website page

– Rapid Teamwork digital online masterclass access

– A pack of Connection Cards for your team leader(s) to use

– 60 second video review with reminders

– Team toughness talks video / workbook access

– follow-up experiential teambuilding events

DIY activity handbook copy for your team leader(s)

– Article for your newsletter

– Email to your audience

– Access to Sean’s teamwork toolbox of handouts & resources



Choosing at least one or two items form the lists above will turn your conference program into an anticipated and transformational experience that will have the impact that you are hoping to create.


If you want to increase the attendance, engagement, and impact of your next conference, invest in pre-event and post-event options that will turn passive attendees into active participants in their own professional development.


Let’s talk about how I can help increase engagement and impact for your event!