Would YOU do this for me?

survey monkeyHello Managers and Team Leaders!

 You have something I want…

I just finished my most recent book, Rapid Teamwork (more info to come on that this summer!), and I am excited about beginning work on the next writing project to help people like you be more effective in leading their teams.

What I want is your help with identifying which of the topics would be most beneficial to serving you and your current situation.

So – I am asking a favor.  Would you take 2-3 minutes (that’s all, I promise!) to answer a TWO question online survey that will help me to focus on delivering content that is relevant and applicable to YOU?


That’s it – and here is a link to the survey – you’ll be done in a flash!


Thanks a bunch for your help with this…  I look forward to collecting the data and helping you enjoy more success leading your team! 


As always, if ever I can be a resource for you, just let me know –