Use the 30-30-30 Rule for Personal Development to Improve Yourself as a Teammate

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Both good AND great are enemies of better…

So the surest ways to separate yourself is to continue to improve and ensure your personal development.


One of the Ten Commandments of Winning Teammates is to Stay Coachable!


And it is that desire for development and growth that led me to the 30-30-30 rule I have shared with athletes – and with a number of clients in my team building events.


The 30-30-30 rule is quite simple, really.


It is just a way for you to be more INTENTIONAL about how you invest your time away from work (AFW) – or when NOT taking care of your required professional obligations.


Most everyone has a portion of their day that they must commit to as their WORK.


But winning teammates understand that it is what you do before and after workthat will eventually open doors of opportunity to change the work you do and significantly increase the impact you can have.


So, outside of your normal “work day,” what do you do to intentionally grow and improve yourself? That is what the 30-30-30 rule is for.


Dedication to personal growth is how the best continue to get better.


They invest 30% of their time in three SPECIFIC areas that deliver positive RESULTS.


Here are the THREE AREAS you should invest in as a teammate:


  1. Invest 30% of your time “AFW” with a MENTOR

You should seek and sustain relationships with people who are BEYOND where you are in terms of knowledge and experience.  These may be people who are further along in the same career, or even people outside your industry who have skills that would benefit you and your team.



  1. Invest 30% of your time “AFW” AS a MENTOR

You should seek and sustain opportunities to reach out and assist others who could benefit from your experiences and expertise.  Your success to this point has  likely been the result of someone (or a few someone’s) pouring their encouragement and knowledge into you – and it is a rewarding and responsible decision to share that same role with people who could benefit from your advice.



  1. Invest 30% of your time “AFW” as a CONNECTOR.

You should seek and sustain opportunities to connect with and nurture relationships with people on your team and at your current level of accomplishment.  These are the people that you depend on everyday – the people you reach out to share and request information.  When it comes to relationships, efficient is NOT effective – so be sure to plan time and experiences where you can deepen the connections you have with those around you.



And YES – I do realize that is only 90% OF YOUR DEVELOPENT TIME.


THE OTHER 10% of your personal development time away from work should be invested in time alone with YOURSELF.


Whether you meditate, pray, do yoga, jog, or journal… one of the most important things you can do is to SET ASIDE some “ME time to ensure that you are giving enough time with your own thoughts and ideas.


The ten percent of your time you preserve for your own mindfulness activity is vital.


It allows you to digest the other interactions and to remain in touch with your intended path and purpose – because when we interact with others our personal trajectory can sometimes be unconsciously affected. This is a good thing – but something to remain aware of so you are not distracted from what is important to you and your team.


Personal development is the surest way to improve your team.  The better YOU are, the better your team becomes.


Winning Teammates stay coachable and intentionally invest their time.



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