Add Common SINCE to STOP WISHING and Improve Ownership Thinking on Your Team

Have you noticed that there is a HUGE difference in the productivity of people who are WISHING versus people who accept reality and move forward with action?


One of my high school coaches years ago used to say that “Wishing is what people do when they don’t want to work


And the more I have heard it used in my adulthood by teammates in various industries, the more I see his point.  Wishing is victim thinking that leads to pouting – which is a waste of time.


So, instead of wishing, what can you and your team THINK DIFFERENTLY so you ensure that you and your team begin to perform differently (and better!)


The trick is to simply Replace “I wish…” with “Since”


The world – and your team – needs more common SINCE!

If you develop the powerful use of “Since Statements,” you will see your team begin to improve ownership and increase innovation.


This is an Easy and Effective Trick to Rewire Your thoughts – and results!


Regrets and excuses often begin with victim thinking, such as “I wish I had their skills”

or… “I wish I had the money to…”

or “I wish I was taller / shorter/older/younger/etc…”


To improve your performance and stop making excuses, try thinking with SINCE instead!


“Since I don’t have those skills, I could learn them by…”

or ” “Since I don’t have the money to buy my way to success, I’ll need to …”

or “Since that last option didn’t work next time I will choose to…”


The key to you and your team improving performance and innovation is to improve ownership thinking.


Instead of WISHING, be intentional about doing TWO THINGS:

1. Admit the reality of what IS 

(this is the “SINCE” part)


2. Identify what NEEDS TO HAPPEN to create better results!

(this is the NEXT STEP part)


When you stop focusing on the problem or obstacle and START to focus on what is possible based on your current reality, you empower yourself to take the NEXT STEP instead of being paralyzed by wishing things were different!


Being a Winning Teammate – or leading a team and creating a culture of Rapid Teamwork – both require that individual team members claim personal responsibility for the team results.


When you stop wishing and start acknowledging reality and opportunity, your example gives others permission to do the same.


Instead of saying “I wish people would think differently,” you can choose to say “since they are wishing, I need to be an example of what is possible in our current situation!”


If you want to help your people be Winning Teammates, stop wishing…

Help your team take OWNERSHIP by demonstrating some common SINCE!