Forget Results and Focus on What Matters More

What results do you want?

Great Results Team Building was founded on the idea that you cannot get great results by focusing on results only… 

Great results are a symptom of focusing on connections to people and to a shared purpose.

And whatever trophy or result you desire – whether it is for an athletic team performance or a corporate project or a sales goal – the attainment of that goal will be the result of focusing on things other than results.

Trophies are nice – but they are a by-product of caring about things that matter more.

For example…

What matters more to your people than a paycheck?

Help them to focus on and enjoy that, and the paycheck will improve as a necessary by-product.


What is a common metric your industry uses to measure success?

What matters more to you and your people than that metric?


The problem is that ANY metric, once set, begins to have a detrimental effect on productivity in a way – because people are always seeking to game the system.

In basketball, if you only reward points, players will start taking bad shots and the team performance will suffer.  If you want more points, focus on what matters more – skills and execution.

The points will be a result of focusing on what matters more.

In business, if you only reward sales, your salespeople will start to cut corners and make unethical decisions and the team performance will suffer.  If you want more sales, focus on what matters more – integrity and service.

The sales will be a result of focusing on what matters more.


For most teams, it isn’t the paycheck that drives their best behaviors.


One thing people want is to be a small contributing part of something larger than themselves. Missions motivate far more than money.

The other thing people want is to feel appreciated by and connected to others. Relationships and empathy are what drive accountability.

In every situation, getting great results should NOT be your focus.

Focus on the things that matter more, and the results will follow.

Focus on connections and relationships and trust and communication.


The results you want are a symptom of passionate focus on things that matter more.

And if YOU want an inspiring and engaging catalyst event that will help your people to focus on those things that matter most, consider scheduling a team building event or conference teamwork keynote as a way to transform your employees into winning teammates.

Focus on what matters more, and you will get more of the results you want.