Team Happiness is a By-Product of Other Things

 “Whenever you make something, you always make something else.You can’t just make one thing.” -Jason Fried (Rework)   Whether you realize it or not, what you do every day produces more than what you intend. If you are selling cars, you are also learning about customer service.  If you are teaching in any capacity, you are […]

The Leadership Skill That is Most Overlooked

My 8 year old son was playing at the beach last summer with a borrowed skim board. It took him about an hour to learn how to ride it without tumbling into the shallow surf, but he soon had mastered it and was doing twists and tricks by the end of the afternoon. The next […]

Two Kinds of Baggage Your Team Needs to Let Go Of

When I speak to team leaders about the traits of great teams, one of the first things I discuss early in our time together is the need to identify their goal and then determine the gear that will be necessary to accomplish it.  We then talk about the importance of process goals as a means […]

A Top Ten List of Teamwork Movies to Inspire Your Team

  Teamwork movies can inspire a buy-in and an appreciation of concepts or ideas that simply speaking about them could never achieve.  Part of the reason for teambuilding activities is to have people experience and internalize the teamwork lessons and themes that your group most needs to internalize. The experience of watching a movie can […]

Better Teamwork Begins With Training Your Eyes to See the Best in Your Teammates

There is no magic pill for building better teamwork, but one of the most important keys is helping your team realize that they will likely often see only what thy look for in those they have the responsibility to inspire and develop. A team leaders attention should therefore be modified, for what leaders train their […]