Seven Great Ways to Deal With Whiners on Your Team

 Virtually every office, faculty, or athletic group has at least one whiner, and the rest of the group find themselves looking for ways to deal with whiners. Whiners are just regular people with an irrational response to reality. The simple truth is that while most successful people invest their time in solving problems and taking […]

3 Keys That Inspire Employees to Claim Ownership

Most every client I speak to is interested in team building as a way to inspire employees to claim ownership and create a more cohesive culture. And I almost always share that yes, team building is a powerful tool for identifying team communication or leadership issues that can both be fun and offer insights and […]

Team Building is Essential Bridge Maintenance

When you think of famous bridges, team building is likely not on your list – but it is truly an essential bridge that needs maintenance to keep the people on your team working effectively together. What essential bridge did you think of?  Probably either the Golden Gate or the Brooklyn, depending upon which part of […]

Make Team Accountability Fun With a Consequence Bowl

If you would like to improve your team accountability, starting a fun “consequence bowl” tradition may be exactly what your people need. It should not only be the responsibility of the team leader to hold others on the team accountable. All team members or staff should actively claim ownership for their own behaviors and for […]

Five Great Teamwork Verses From the Bible

There are certainly many other Bible verses that could be discussed as relating to great teamwork, but this list identifies five that are strong and inspiring examples for the topic. Improving organizational teamwork is the goal of most team building activities, and like most any other subject, the Bible provides wisdom about how to achieve […]

What is Teamwork? Here’s a Great Working Definition…

Do you need a great working definition to share with your team when they ask the question “what is teamwork?”  Defining what teamwork is can certainly help to guide better decisions and actions. People too often share phrases like “Together Everyone Achieves More,” or “teamwork makes the dream work,” but seldom understand exactly what they should be […]

Nice Guys CAN Finish First and Lead a Great Team

Whether it is heard in athletics, business, or even academics, the notion that nice guys cannot lead or finish first has become commonplace. Too many people subscribe to the old saying, “nice guys always finish last.” As quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons, Matt Ryan has become known as a “nice guy,” and that has led […]

The Top 20 Team Building Outcomes Your People Will Value

 When considering a team building event, you should know and be prepared to discuss the outcomes that you most value and the take-aways you desire your team to enjoy following the event. There are virtually hundreds of team challenges and activities available that provide outcomes ranging from trust building, to improving accountability practices, to defining […]

The Three Types of Educators at Your School

 All leaders are educators, but there are three distinct types you will need to identify. Whether in schools, on courts, or in offices, everyone in a leadership position is in a role of developing people and becomes responsible for encouraging their growth.  In fact, the organization’s success is largely dependent on the leader’s ability to teach […]