Are You or Your Teammates Victims of TIME?

emotional victim of timeWhen you are in the valley suffering through adversity, or when you are on top of the mountian enjoying success, it is important to keep your teammates and yourself grounded with perspective so you do not become victims of TIME.

Too often, athletes and coworkers alike can get caught up in the emotional roller coaster of events that are the natural ups and downs of a game, or season, or sales quarter.

It is easy for people to suffer from Tantrums Involving Momentary Emotion.

But you don’t have to become victims of that common problem.

The problem of TIME – experiencing Tantrums Involving Momentary Emotion, can cause people to take their foot off the gas and hinder their performance or improvement.

Leadership should not be a roller coaster.

The role of a leader is to remain level –headed and to keep a calm perspective rather than being caught up in a storm of postivie or negative emotion.

We have all had coaches, teammates, managers, or coworkers that were unpredictable roller coasters.  Up and full of compliments and optimism one day, and then sent into a valley of criticisms and pessimism the next – both often only responses to insignificant events or information.

Being too “up” with wins or too “down” with losses can have a significant and damaging effect on your team effort and enthusiasm, and can also be physically draining.

See the big picture and remind yourself and your teammates that your success will be found inincremental and consistent improvements that are the result of maintaining mental poise and discipline through both adversity and accolades!

Some people allow their circumstances to influence their commitment… but they will always be victims of TIME.

The most successful teams and teammates are those who are determined to have their commitment influence their circumstances.

Most coaches would agree that there are two things that lead to poor performance.  The two most common obstacles to team improvement are failure and success.

Failure and success are both simply feedback – symptoms of behaviors that can be modified.

But many young athletes or salespeople see a lost game or lost sale as evidence that they are failures or as an far more significant event than reality would suggest.  The truth is that losses, or missed shots, or missed sales, are opportunities to learn.  If you have to lose, then be sure not to lose the lesson – and use that experience to become stronger and more focused!

Many young athletes or salespeoplelikewise see a win or a made sale as the end of their road and evidence that everything is more perfect than reality would suggest.  The truth is that making a shot or making a sale may lead to a false sense of security, and complacency always leads to diminished performances.

There is only one way to coast – and it is down hill.

So how do you handle the threat of TIME?

The answer is simple… you place every event in its proper perspective.

One win, or one loss, will not make or break your season.  By seeing the big picture, you will be more able to maintain focus and keep your emotions from rising or falling too far.

And then, once you discipline your own emotions and efforts – seek to provide reminders and encouragements to your teammates.

The most important thing they can hear when things are going well is that there is still a need for effort and focus and commitment to improvement.  Anyone can do it right once – how many times can you do it in a row?

And the most important thing you can share when things are tough is that there are still a number of things that you are doing well – and that your next success depends upon keeping your chin up and fighting through the urge to quit working hard.

Reminders and encouragements are your contribution to your teammates’ success.  Help them to see the bigger picture and keep from getting caught up in tantrums involving momentary emotion.

Once you and your team have tamed the problem of TIME, you will find a great deal more enjoyment in the journey you are sharing…


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