Five MORE Unique Virtual Team Building Ideas That Are Fun, Fast, and Free!


With a pandemic still affecting so many teams (and impacting interactions by separating your people), leaders are looking for more virtual ideas to include in meetings that provide team building take-aways – that are fun, fast and free.


You may have already used some of the Easy and Effective Virtual Team Building Ideas I shared a few weeks ago… but the truth is this:


Team building is like essential bridge maintenance.


You, as a leader, NEED to design intentional moments of fun and focus to ensure your people stay connected to their goal and to each other.


All of these activities work on Zoom, or Microsoft Teams, or WebEx, or whatever video-based platform YOUR organization is using.

And they all provide laughter and fun, with relevant and meaningful take-aways if you follow them up with discussions of how they APPLY to your situation and any issues your team is dealing with.


Experiential learning and interaction are STILL a key part of successful meetings – these five ideas are just a unique way to make your next meeting a little more successful.


Here are short instructions for facilitating each activity with YOUR people:


  • Facilitator chooses a person to be the box person
  • “Box” person hides something in the box
  • They describe the item in the box (truth or lie) in detail
  • Facilitator asks others to give thumbs up or down

(is what they described REALLY in the box?)

  • Have “box” person reveal what’s inside to group

Take-away: discuss HOW TO BUILD TRUST after 3-4 people have presented…



  • Choose the next participant / actor
  • MUTE him / her (whomever is the “actor”
  • Tell others in group what the CATEGORY is (movies, books, songs, etc.)
  • Give answer to the muted actor, they must act it out
  • Group will type into chat room their guesses
  • Winner gets to choose next actor ; )

Take-away: discuss team communication, body language, etc.



  • Explain that together we will be composing a story
  • Each person can only add four words.
  • Groups must finish the story in one minute.

(this will be fun, inspire laughter in 1st round)

  • Then explain that every story must have 6 elements

(characters, setting ,conflict, rising action, climax, and resolution)

  • Go into round 2 and 3 and include intentional story elements…

Take-away: discuss engagement… how much we care about results we contribute to.  Consider others, recognize we are interdependent.  Talk about big picture and our part, etc.



  • Explain this is a chance to focus on the topic / challenge we are facing today
  • Each person will get 27 seconds to share whatever they are thinking about the topic
  • Can be questions, ideas, concerns, etc.

(only rule is you cannot stop talking for 27 seconds!!)

Take-away: discuss importance of focus – being engaged and honest.  Conflict is good for teams that communicate, but deadly for teams that won’t



  • Quick energizer during a break
  • Show how much we don’t know about teammates!
  • Tell them that you are going to play a song, and when it is over they must have sent you a picture of their open fridge ; )
  • Play a fun song and give them a 4-5 minute break to grab a snack and a picture
  • Share pics and have group guess in chat area whose fridge it is…

Take-away: discuss diversity, everyone different, we are a product of what we consume



And, in a spirit of lagniappe – giving more than was expected – to add a delightful addition to an upcoming meeting you have planned…

Here is a bonus to include in your virtual activities list:



  • Tell the group you are going to play a quick game to find people
  • Go to gallery view in zoom
  • When you call out a name, have everyone point with both pointer fingers
  • Have the person you called out wave to the camera
  • Then they will choose the next person… “GIVE ME DIRECTIONS TO…”

Take-away: discuss perspectives and benefit of seeing things from other points of view

I hope you enjoy sharing one or more of these fun fast and free virtual teambuilding activities with your people at an upcoming meeting.


Your people want to be engaged.

Your people want to connect with each other.

Your people don’t want boring meetings!


And so, as a leader, it is your job to plan intentional opportunities for them to laugh together and learn about each other and address issues and refocus on the compelling common goal that they are there to accomplish.


If you are looking for way to build Rapid Teamwork, you can read the book and learn the five essential steps that transform individuals into exceptional teams.  Or you can jump into my new online leadership coaching masterclass to take yourself and your team through the step-by-step process of transforming your team culture.


And if you ever want an engaging catalyst event for your people, I’d love to inspire your people with a memorable and impactful experience as your next teamwork speaker!