Lessons From Alaska and Bad Weather to Help Building Your Oil Pipeline

Have you ever work with somebody – or live with somebody – that always seems to be making excuses instead of making an effort? Next time you see them, tell them this story about the Trans-Alaskan Oil Pipeline… Oil was discovered on the northern slope of Alaska in 1968. After the 1973 American oil crisis, […]

What Flavor of Tea Does Your Team Need to Drink?

You have likely heard for years the mantra that “you are what you eat.” I would suggest that it is more accurate to say that you are what you DRINK. Your team will succeed or fail based upon what is in the “Kool-Aid” being served, and how many are drinking it consistently.  If individuals on […]

4 Steps to GIVE Your Team Advice That Gets Results

One of the most difficult skills for a teammate or leader to learn is how to give people on your team advice that gets results instead of resentment. Like you, over the years I shared countless nuggets of wisdom that would have helped my players or teammates, but it often went unheeded – and unappreciated. […]

2 Easy Teambuilding Activities to Develop Your Team Chemistry

Not everyone can bring in a facilitator to lead their group through a full or half day of activities and insights to improve team communication and cohesiveness. As a high school coach, I eventually realized that team culture was far more impactful than the X’s and O’s. And it was my frustration with not being […]

“That’s Not My Job” is a Dangerous Phrase for Teams

One very dangerous catch phrase that people on great teams would likely never speak is “that’s not my job.” Unfortunately, it is a phrase that has crept into many organizations, creating conflicts amongst teammates that should be supporting one another. As a basketball coach, I used to look for athletes who did the little extra […]

Why Leaders, Like Ants, Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Successful leaders come in many different sizes, and rather than fitting a certain mold, they use their own personal strengths and unique personalities to fill gaps and move people in their organizations. Leaders must fit their organization’s needs, identify obstacles or distractions to their team’s performance, and find ways to keep people moving in the […]

Debriefing Questions are the Magic of Team Building Events

Have you ever seen a magician pull a rabbit out of his or her hat? That rabbit was there all along – but the magician likely went through a very entertaining or even interactive set of activities and comments that led up to the moment the rabbit actually appeared. Team building activities are certainly entertaining […]

A Story About Cowards, Heroes, Boxing, and Heart…

Coach Bill Parcells is well known for having taken struggling organizations and building them into successful teams. He was without question a solid strategist, but what set him apart was his focus on the individual character and “heart” that championship teams required. One of the personal binders that Parcells kept in his desk as coach […]

Has Your Team Size Become Too Big for the Campfire?

The fire pit in our backyard is perfect for keeping a small group warm, but it is only cozy when there are around half a dozen people.  Team size is important, because at some point your group growth may become too big for your campfire. As long as the campfire circle is small, your people […]