Move Your Team From Values to Behaviors

what do your core values look like

All failure is the result of vagueness.

That is a powerful and memorable statement…

But it means nothing if the insight is not translated into a changed behavior.

There is a great deal of value in discussing and selecting core values.

You can even download a very useful virtues and values activity on my resources page…


Your personal core values should be a list of qualities and priorities that all of your decisions are influenced and guided by.

Your organization’s core values paly a similar role, and should be the filter through which your team sees and decides on issues and strategy…

But as valuable as those values discussions are, placing a list of core values on the wall will NOT improve your personal or corporate productivity unless you take the NEXT STEP.


To make them matter, move from Values to Behaviors.


When I worked with a company last year to help them craft their values and a more engaging mission statement, they thought that the work was done when we had carved their ideas down into a few words that sounded really inspiring and purposeful.

But that was only the first step.

The next step was the really impactful one.

The next step involves defining how those values will be ACTED OUT AS BEHAVIORS on a daily basis in their hallways and in their communications with each other and with their clients.

Values are important.  But there is something more important…


ACTIONS are how others judge us…


Consider the value or trait of “integrity.”

Most every organization would agree that it is important.

But what it LOOKS LIKE may be different from one organization to the next.


What should integrity look like in your organization?

  •  Can you describe a time that someone demonstrated integrity?


  • Can you tell a story about a past event to your team that would illustrate the importance and impact of what a person did that showed integrity? 


  • Can you provide a specific example of behaviors that would represent integrity in your offices?


If you want to move from vagueness to clarity, do this:

Take five minutes at your next meeting to have people WRITE DOWN descriptions of BEHAVIORS that illustrate the core values that your team has identified as important to your success.


 Behavior is the important next step.


Because without examples to emulate, people often make wrong assumptions.  How you define something may be different than how your teammates would.

The leader’s job is not just to define and emphasize core values – it is to define and share examples of the behaviors that others can emulate.

 – Share stories about what the values actually LOOK LIKE in your organization.

 – Provide EXAMPLES of the behaviors that illustrate your values.

 – and BE INTENTIONAL about living the values so others have actions to emulate…


That is how you build culture.


Winning Teammates do it one BEHAVIOR at a time.

If you want your people to enjoy a great time at your next staff development day, laughing and learning together while they improve their awareness of how their behaviors impact others – contact Sean to discuss a team building event to improve communication and leadership on your team.


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  1. Steven Brewstet says:

    Team Building is necessary because what a team can handle can’t be handled by individuals working alone. First of all the responsibilities will be nerve wracking and then when people work alone, there is no communication with other and a void is created there. Behavior is carry an very impotent role for build a team work. Very useful article, It’s been very nice to read your article here. Really informative indeed.

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