The Promise and Issues of Outstanding Teams

Do you know what it means to truly be outstanding? Those who seek to be part of an outstanding team must go into the experience with open eyes, knowing that there will be great promise but also many issues that they will encounter as well. Outstanding teams are by their definition teams who STAND OUT. […]

3 Tips to Help You Manage Virtual Teams More Effectively

Increasingly, people now work together as virtual teams and therefore require more effective management to keep the group focused and feeling connected. Teamwork is still defined as the coordinated activities of a cohesive group who contribute diverse skills and resources to accomplish a compelling common goal , but throughout corporate world, the nature of teams […]

Why Great Teammates Accept No Excuses

One of the most important skills to be a good teammate and improve mental toughness involves the decision to set high expectations and never make or accept excuses. Winners are both intentional and accountable.  Whatever your goal and whoever is on your team, your success will be determined by how willing you are to say […]

Why Accountability is the Problem With Your Team

When people face adversity, when things don’t go exactly as planned, or when success does not come as easily as we feel it should, the first question many teammates will begin to hear, from friends or family or others outside their organization, is “what is the problem?” This is a very important question to consider, […]

Improve Team Communication with a Style of Influence Personality Profile

A Style of Influence personality profile can improve your team communication and provide a deeper understanding of yourself and others. No group ever complained that their team communication was too good! In fact, most of the workplace interpersonal conflicts you may have seen or been part of are likely the results of relationships between people […]

The Four Stages of Becoming a Team Player

Becoming a Team Player is not always an easy or quick transformation. It often requires a significant personal paradigm shift for an individual to move up through the four stages. Our culture has not always emphasized the value of teamwork.  Heroes such as Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, and even James Bond seem to be icons […]

Kayaking Through Currents and Reaching Your Team Destination

Late this past summer, during a trip to Savannah, Georgia, my wife and I went kayaking – and I was reminded of the danger that strong currents and distractions can present, even when you begin with the sincere intention of reaching your destination. We left from Tybee Island, and were travelling across the Savannah River […]

Competition vs Collaboration for Better Team Performance

There is a very simple but effective activity that I occasionally incorporate into my team building presentations to illustrate the impact of competition vs. collaboration and which one inspires better team performance.  The activity may sound familiar – it is called “arm wrestling.” I choose a fun way to get participants into pairs and have […]

16 Off Site Meeting and Retreat Ideas for Event Planners

If you are planning an off site meeting or conference, there are a number of retreat ideas that creative and clever event planners can use to make it a more fun and engaging experience for the attendees. An off-site meeting or retreat offers a tremendous opportunity to create events that help people connect. Unfortunately, it’s […]