7 Days to Being a More Thankful Teammate or Team Leader

a constant focus on what is missing, or what needs to get better, or where the flaws are can turn aspirations into frustrations.

As a coach, or manager, or principal, or leader in any arena, rather than seeing the hole, we should step back more often to appreciate the doughnut. We should find things to be grateful for.

Are You Handing Off Important Things to Teammates?

October is here, and that means that we are in the middle of Football Season! For millions of fans who have been holding their breath and suffering through the desolation of late summer athletic programming, the next dozen weekends will be a feast of entertainment. As a basketball coach, even I can appreciate the excitement […]

Clear Expectations are Vital Part of Successful Teamwork

Successful teamwork begins with establishing crystal clear expectations.  This is true not just for leaders, but for communication between teammates as well. The more intentional you can be about ensuring your message is received, understood, and acted upon the more success your team will enjoy.  Still, the reality is that every organization struggles at times […]

Keys to Retaining Your Team’s Top Talent

Today’s guest post is by Mike Figliuolo, co-author of Lead Inside the Box: How Smart Leaders Guide Their Teams to Exceptional Results (you can get your copy by clicking here).  (You can learn more about Mike and the book at the end of the post.) Here’s Mike: Erin joined your team about a year ago. […]

How to Motivate Your Team with Numbers

I was reminded of an important technique you can use to motivate your team while talking with my son about the basketball camp he attended this week. One of the things that makes him a good player is intrinsic motivation – he practices on his own because he just enjoys getting better.  He doesn’t do […]

Assigned Seats Are Even More Effective Outside of Schools

Teachers have used assigned seats for decades to arrange and organize students in their classrooms, because it was convenient.  In my classroom, I used to assign seats and would switch up those assignments at different points during the year to allow students to interact and build relationships with people that they otherwise likely wouldn’t have […]

How to Build Accountability With a Team Character Draft

With the NFL draft approaching, millions of people are getting excited about the addition of talent to their team rosters.  Most people can see and appreciate talent – but great leaders know that talent alone is never sufficient.  Talent without character and trust – traits of great teammates – will always underachieve. So how do […]

8 ways to get your team to listen (when you don’t have a whistle)

The truth is that whistles aren’t necessary. As a young coach, I thought I needed a whistle to get my players’ attention and ensure they were listening to me. Turns out, a few years into my coaching career I learned that it wasn’t the whistle that truly earned their attention.  Sure, it was disruptive and […]