15 Essential Leadership Books to Grow New Leaders

Summer is near.. and that means it is time to find a few leadership books for summer reading… The idea is a simple and accurate one: Readers become leaders. And its converse is an important lesson for those who find themselves in the position to influence and lead others on a team or within an organization: […]

Order The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates Book!

  Having worked with all kinds of groups – including athletes, doctors, educators, salesmen, construction workers, and IT professionals – one clear truth is that every industry and organization needs winning teammates. Winning teammates are servant leaders.  They are the GLUE that holds teams together… and that keep them focused and performing well. And today I […]

Measuring Consensus in Team Meetings and Discussions

One of the most important insights for leaders is that total consensus is not required to move your team forward as a cohesive group – What your people want is not consensus, but honest conversation. They want to have an opportunity to share their perspective and input. If you as a leader will invite their […]

Tessellations and Accepting Team Roles

In my book, Rapid Teamwork, I share the five ingredients that all GREAT teams share.  One of those is setting clear expectations about team roles. Sometimes the toughest challenge for otherwise committed teammates is understanding and accepting their role.  And the best illustrations of teams fitting together and accepting roles are something called tessellations. A tessellation is […]

7 Days to Being a More Thankful Teammate or Team Leader

a constant focus on what is missing, or what needs to get better, or where the flaws are can turn aspirations into frustrations.

As a coach, or manager, or principal, or leader in any arena, rather than seeing the hole, we should step back more often to appreciate the doughnut. We should find things to be grateful for.

Are You Handing Off Important Things to Teammates?

October is here, and that means that we are in the middle of Football Season! For millions of fans who have been holding their breath and suffering through the desolation of late summer athletic programming, the next dozen weekends will be a feast of entertainment. As a basketball coach, even I can appreciate the excitement […]

Clear Expectations are Vital Part of Successful Teamwork

Successful teamwork begins with establishing crystal clear expectations.  This is true not just for leaders, but for communication between teammates as well. The more intentional you can be about ensuring your message is received, understood, and acted upon the more success your team will enjoy.  Still, the reality is that every organization struggles at times […]