12 Empowering Things a Team Leader Should Take

Most team leaders spend their time thinking more about empowering people, considering what things they can give people instead of what they could selfishly take.  In fact, I would argue that servant leadership is the most positive, powerful, effective, and inspiring example a manager or coach could provide their team. I’m sure you have heard […]

3 amazingly simple ways to help your team thrive through change

Change is constant.  You can count on it. But you can’t always count on your people to accept it with enthusiasm… The saying goes that everyone wants progress, but very few embrace the change that makes it possible… and so it is likely the same with people on your team. The idea of seeing your […]

Two Questions That Invite Conversation and Eliminate Dissension

Years ago – as a very young teacher – I was in a meeting where our department head introduced a mandatory form each teacher would be required to fill out.  She clearly felt it would be a good idea to have everyone commit to the weekly documentation. The form was to be included in what […]

Three Incredibly Powerful Ways for Leaders to Use the Word IF

The words leaders use have an incredibly powerful impact on their people. As an english teacher, I always emphasized the importance of vocabulary… but there is ONE word that leaders may over look that, when they use it well, can have a tremendous impact on team performance. “IF” is an incredibly powerful word for leaders. Leadership […]

12 Exalting Phrases Good Leaders Share with Their Teams

Leaders have a tremendous impact on their organization, because the phrases they share with their teams can either produce distrust and apathy or ignite passion and commitment. And the reality is that everyone (including YOU) is a leader. What you say to the people that you work with will influence their work ethic and attitude. […]

Toughness and Resilience are Skills Your Team Can Learn

There is a big difference between brick walls and speed bumps. And I shared this with my son, because I couldn’t teach him to be taller.  At 12 years old, he worked passionately on improving his dribbling and shooting for hours out in our driveway.  But each night he would pray to grow taller – […]

Two Requirements for a Winning Culture… and Great Guest Experience

One of the most memorable and enjoyable breakfast experiences I’ve had while away on business was speaking with front line team members at the San Diego Marriott Grand Marquis.  I was in town for a speaking event and walked into the hotel restaurant for breakfast, and ended up learning a great deal about what creates […]

15 Essential Leadership Books to Grow New Leaders

Summer is near.. and that means it is time to find a few leadership books for summer reading… The idea is a simple and accurate one: Readers become leaders. And its converse is an important lesson for those who find themselves in the position to influence and lead others on a team or within an organization: […]

Order The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates Book!

  Having worked with all kinds of groups – including athletes, doctors, educators, salesmen, construction workers, and IT professionals – one clear truth is that every industry and organization needs winning teammates. Winning teammates are servant leaders.  They are the GLUE that holds teams together… and that keep them focused and performing well. And today I […]

Measuring Consensus in Team Meetings and Discussions

One of the most important insights for leaders is that total consensus is not required to move your team forward as a cohesive group – What your people want is not consensus, but honest conversation. They want to have an opportunity to share their perspective and input. If you as a leader will invite their […]