Slackers and Hustlers and Building Your Team

You don’t have to LIKE the same stuff your teammates do to be great teammates.

You don’t have to LIKE the same stuff your spouse does to build a great marriage.

The key to unity is DISLIKING the same things!


Let me explain.

I like tennis. My wife is more into running.

And that’s okay… because we both dislike being out of shape.

She likes Gilmore Girls. I am more a Game of Thrones guy.

And that’s okay… because we both disliked the way that The Sopranos ended!

We get along NOT because we like the same thing…


We get along because we DISLIKE the same things.


So how does that translate into ensuring that YOUR TEAM becomes stronger?

Great question.

The answer is, you want to make sure that the people you bring onto the team DISLIKE the same things.

And the ONE thing that ALL winning teammates dislike…

Wait for it…




That’s right. Slackers are idle. They do a little and complain a lot.

Slackers are the people who loaf. The go half speed.

They drag their feet and submit inferior work. Slackers drain the energy and enthusiasm from every environment they are in, because they expect to have others do more and care more than they do…

Slackers focus on themselves and rarely consider what the team needs…


And Slackers Hate Hustlers.


Hustlers are winning teammates. They do more than expected.

They sprint instead of jog. They claim responsibility for results.

They help others instead of just focusing on their own to-do list.

Hustlers consider the team and are passionate about doing everything they can to ensure the team’s success –

Want to know which one YOU are?


Identify the one you hate – that makes you the other one ; )


So, when you are deciding who to add to your team, or who to keep on your team, you need to ask yourself this question:

What do they dislike?

If you want a high-performing team, you can have diversity and a collection of different personality types and a diversity of backgrounds and skills.

In fact, that kind of diversity will make your team STRONGER.

What you DO NOT WANT, though, is people on your team who dislike hustlers.

Because it is the hustlers who are your stars –



Even if they aren’t the most skilled technically, the hustlers are the ones who will make your team succeed.

But if you keep slackers around… if you allow them to remain there and allow them to affect the culture with their unmotivated behaviors, then soon you will see something happen that you should be very afraid of.

Your hustlers will find reasons to leave.

Because hustlers dislike slackers.

So you need to decide which group you are going to build your organization around.


That doesn’t mean that slackers can’t change.


They can.

But if they don’t, a strong leader will help them find a better fit elsewhere – because if you are leading a group of hustlers, the slackers will be miserable.

Because slackers hate hustlers.

And as a winning teammate, one of the most important things you can do is to set a positive example.


If you are a hustler, if you set the tone of what will be accepted behaviors in your organization, if you are clear about which of the groups your organization will passionately dislike, then you are on your way to success!