Eight Great Motivational Video Clips for Inspiring Your Team

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 Every team, at some point in their time together, needs the boost of motivational videos or an inspiring message delivered to help them get through adversity or regain an emotional intensity that may have begun to diminish…

As a team leader, your main job is to inspire the people you lead.

Below are eight great motivational clips for you to consider sharing with your team.

Since they are only short video clips, you can easily access them from your laptop and watch them together as a pre-game boost or as an energizing introduction to your next team meeting…


Here is the list, in no particular order:


  1. http://bit.ly/z4BDdI  

     This is an amazing story of overcoming obstacles and staying positive.


  1. http://bit.ly/yDnYs0

     Ray Lewis speaks to his team following a tough loss, and looks forward.


  1. http://bit.ly/xaQYt6

     “Great moments are born of great adversity…” Best pre-game speech ever.


  1. http://bit.ly/yNEHYf

     Do not quit or place limits on yourself – It’s all about heart and belief.


  1. http://bit.ly/wMGsVO

     “How badly do you want it?” Success comes to those who work.


  1. http://bit.ly/yuaetc

     “Now, an army is a team…” General George Patton speech to troops


  1. http://bit.ly/w10eX4

     “Winning is a habit” …An inspirational montage of many clips


  1. http://bit.ly/zGV0zD

    ” We rise, fall, sink, or swim together…” Principal Clark speaks to students.


Any team will benefit from these eight great motivational video clips, and often it is a nice change to provide a few minutes of motivation to your daily routine.

But if your team is experiencing more than just a minor lull in motivation, or if there is a specific issue that your group needs to address, consider the positive impact on team motivation that a few hours of team building challenges or an interactive speaker could  produce.  You may be surprised at the results!


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