Stop Wasting Time and Money… Trust Falls Don’t Work!

Have you been through an experience that was CALLED “teambuilding,” only to regret the investment of time and resources?

Have you felt that an event was ineffective because it had very little impact or seemed irrelevant?

Ever sat through something  (like a trust fall) that didn’t change the negative or unfocused behaviors you see threatening your team?

If so, you are just like me!


I lived through one of those as a first year teacher, where we sat through three hours that I will never get back… and years later I became determined to keep OTHER teams from having the same experience.

That is why I started Great Results Teambuilding.

When I decided to work with teams to help them improve collaboration, trust, and accountability, I knew that there was a better way than going through the same tired activities that often lacked relevance to what most teams truly need to know and do differently…

So, if you really want to build trust and accountability, I can tell you that MANY activities – like Trust Falls – fail to have the impact that your teammates and leaders are hoping for.

If you want REAL impact – and an improved CULTURE…


Do NOT hire someone to facilitate a set of recreational activities. 


Do NOT schedule a recreational event and expect it to have lasting impact on team behaviors.


Instead, hire someone who can USE activities intentionally as TOOLS to illustrate meaningful and RELEVANT issues that your team is dealing with…


Hire someone who can CONNECT THE DOTS and let your people take ownership of how the insights from a set of customized activities translate into CHANGED behaviors.

That is what your culture truly is – repeated behaviors!



Unlike recreational or irrelevant activities, intentional teambuilding events deliver experiences that change awareness, which in turn changes beliefs and behaviors, which show up as changes in your culture – and that is what determines the RESULTS your team desires.

Intentional team building is not a gimmick…

It is a customized program of experiences that change team behaviors!

If you’ve been involved in (or facilitated) a trust fall before, it doesn’t make you a bad person – but that activity is far too often a wasted opportunity that does not CHANGE awareness or behaviors!

How much wiser and more effective would it be to invest that same time in actionable, relevant, customized program that addresses the issues that your team needs to overcome?

If you choose to commit your time and resources to planning an event, whether is is virtual team building program or an in-person keynote or training experience, make an informed decision as a smart team leader to provide a SHARED EXPERIENCE that will improve connections and awareness.


When you are planning your next annual retreat, remember that the VALUE of a team building event (or a single activity like a trust fall) is determined by the IMPACT it has on improving the behaviors of your team members.