The BEST $20 You Can Spend to Improve Teamwork

Recognition and morale have a tremendous impact on the productivity of your team.

And, as a teammate or team leader, one of the greatest challenges is to EFFECTIVELY spend your professional development money so you improve teamwork and create a positive, high-performing culture.


But that is the problem…


Much like the old marketing adage, 50% of what you spend will be wasted… You just don’t usually know which part of your budget is going to have REAL IMPACT.


Until now.


When I am brought in as one of the teamwork speakers at a conference – or when I am asked to customize a full or half-day team building program of activities, the desired OUTCOME is an increased awareness of how team members attitudes and behaviors affect others…

That raised awareness and appreciation of the ripples of influence every team member is responsible for is a tremendous catalyst for personal and professional improvement.


Whether it is at conferences or company off-sites, in 2017 Meetings and Conventions reported that the organizations they surveyed spent “between $1500-$2000 per participant” to plan and produce a memorable meeting (including travel, hotel, meals, and ancillary costs).

So, what if I told you that in between your special conference dates or annual team meetings you could invest a fraction of the resources and enjoy a significant positive impact on the team morale and performance?


Would it be worth $20 per person on your team to see an increase in motivation, appreciation, and productivity?




So here is how you can spend the best $20 in your development budget:




(wait… there’s more to it!)


Along with the $20 bill, share a note that says the following:

“With this $20, please purchase an appropriate and thoughtful gift for ________________ that he/she would appreciate, and leave it on his/her desk along with a note that shares one thing you appreciate about them”


You can specify who should buy for whom, to encourage relationships and build connections…

And for just twenty dollars per employee you will have created good feelings and a sincere recognition of strengths and inspired people to think of and serve others on your team.


How great is that?


Even more importantly, the positive impact of this activity is backed up by scientific research!

In an article published in The Journal of Positive Psychology by Daryl Van Tongeren, he and his colleagues examined the relationship between giving and enjoying a more meaningful, happier life. They asked over 400 participants to report on how often they performed “altruistic behaviors” and how meaningful their life felt.


According to Van Tongeren’s findings, engaging in altruistic acts may “allow us to find fulfillment because it improves our relationships.”


This same idea is shared by Richard, Ryan, a psychologist at the University of Rochester, who said “A lot of times we think that happiness comes about because you get things for yourself… But it turns out that in a paradoxical way, giving gets you more”


If you want to develop morale and connections and a sense of appreciation among your staff, invest $20 in each of them.  The positive return on your investment will be surprising!


The old quote from Saint Francis of Assisi is so true – “it is in giving that we receive”

As a team leader, give our people a chance to think of and appreciate each other.  That is a key part of the 5 essential steps to Rapid Teamwork!


And if you are interested in making your next off-site or conference a far more memorable experience that has real impact on the awareness and behaviors of your team moving forward, let’s talk about how a team building program or keynote can help you accomplish your teamwork goals!