Three Unexpected Ideas to Help Lead Your Team and Thrive in Change

If you lead a team, at some point you will need ideas to help them thrive in change.

Change is inevitable.  Adaptation is not – but a refusal to adapt and grow is the first step to frustration and eventually result in team failure.


So in order to share a few unexpected ideas to help you lead your team in times of change, I’d like to introduce you to my wife’s 4 favorite people ; )


I like to believe that I’d be #5… and the kids would argue that Dooley is #1 ; )

But when this picture was taken, our son Andrew was going through a difficult phase.



But – did YOU ever try to take your kid to get a haircut – when they weren’t excited about it?

My son was convinced he did NOT need a haircut… other things to do (YouTube, PlayStation, leaving clothes on the floor, etc.)

But hair kept growing – and even though he didn’t want to admit it, his hair started to get messy! (Not surprisingly, that is what happens in organizations – over time, things change – and your people must acknowledge that in order to adapt)


Some people say they don’t like change – until you offer to give them a raise (Ha!) The truth is, we are okay with change, as long as we see it as beneficial to us and those we care about!!



Whatever it is you or your teammates are afraid of – whether it is a bad haircut, learning new software, or accepting a different role, there are THREE things that will help you AND THEM to thrive in change and enjoy the journey…


Acknowledge the NEED

What issue is your team facing?

For my son, his hair was in his eyes and he couldn’t play basketball without wiping it out of his eyes… So what issue has crept up or abruptly disrupted YOUR team performance and results?

An issue acknowledged is an issue half solved ; )



Appreciate the BENEFITS

What skills and smiles will you gain?

For my son, a haircut made it easier for him to shoot – and made morning prep time before school much shorter ; )

Once your team sees there is a need, the next step is to sell them on the positive results that change will provide.  What will they enjoy about the NEW reality?

What will be easier / better / more effective and how does that impact THEM?



Commit to the PATH

What detour signs will lead to your goal?

Once you know the change that needs to occur, the path to getting it done may have to be modified – but the ultimate OUTCOME should not.

When we went to get his haircut, there was roadwork that kept us from following the route that was originally shared by Google Maps… but there were DETOUR signs.  And along our journey of change you and your team need to EXPECT detours.

Remind yourself that people don’t fear change… they fear uncertainly and fog.

As long as you clearly mark the detours and provide a safe path, they will commit to it…




Those three unexpected steps will help you lead a team successfully through change!


If you are looking for a catalyst event to help inspire your people to see things differently and become more aware of the IMPACT their attitude and behaviors have on team performance, I love to help leaders create more effective and focused teams!


Whether as a teamwork keynote conference experience or as a full or half-day team building event, a customized, intentional and relevant program of activities with actionable take-aways may be the unexpected thing your team needs to thrive in change…