3 amazingly simple ways to help your team thrive through change

Change is constant.  You can count on it.

But you can’t always count on your people to accept it with enthusiasm…

The saying goes that everyone wants progress, but very few embrace the change that makes it possible… and so it is likely the same with people on your team.

The idea of seeing your team thrive through change instead of enduring it (or sometimes combatting it) may seem like a bit of an idyllic fantasy, but the truth is that it IS possible!

There are 3 amazingly simple ways you can smooth the road ahead and create a far more positive expectation and attitude toward the changes your team is experiencing.

When you are about to enter (or even already in the midst of) a major change in your company or project, these are the three things you want to do to help your team navigate and enjoy the journey:


  1. Repeat and Clarify the Reason Why

Explain what the issue is that necessitates the change. 

If everything was going well, it wouldn’t need to be made – so what is the problem that you are trying to solve?  The more they hear the reason for the change, the more willing they will be to help accomplish it.  Repetition is the key to learning – and you need to be sure that everyone on board has heard and understands the decision behind the change.  Say it so often that they begin to mock you for it.

Sometimes, if the reason for the change is clarified, winning teammates can offer ideas to assist with ideas to make the change more effective!


  1. Remind Them of What’s Behind Them

We are constantly changing. 

You are a different person today than you were at 17, and it is laughable to think that you would do all the same things or think the same way now that you are wiser. 

But most people have poor memories – and they think it has always been this way.  They need to be reminded of how things were prior to other changes – and how today they couldn’t imagine working or living without the changes that others helped to make in the past.


  1. Remove All Fear With a Path That’s Clear

Nobody wants to feel lost or look like a fool. 

Today we have google maps on our phones, but years ago the idea of getting somewhere without getting lost was a very real fear.  People want to know what lies ahead and not encounter surprises.

They want to be prepared for what is coming and be able to see a clear route to the eventual destination.  But if the path is unclear, they will not be willing to move very fast – or at all.   If you have ever tried to drive through an unfamiliar city when it is dark or foggy, you know that we all need clear detour signs during road construction.  Change is only difficult when it is surrounded by fog!

–     –      –

By applying and repeating these 3 amazingly simple ways to help your team, they will be far more likely to thrive through change and overcome the common pitfalls that are often encountered on the path to progress…

One of the handouts available in my team toolbox is the 5 C’s for Leading Successful Change.

As a team leader, you want to be sure that you prepare your people for the changes that will be vital to your organization’s future success.

And one thing that will always make dealing with any adversity easier and more pleasant is placing an emphasis on strengthening relationships among your people.  The more solid and supportive their personal connections are, the more easily they will collaborate and share encouragements with each other when times are challenging!

Bringing your team together by designing regular opportunities to talk and establish personal connections, or by scheduling a fun team building event, make it much easier to successfully apply the above ideas…

The next time you find yourself in the middle of implementing another necessary change in your organization, you can help your team to thrive throughout the process by clarifying the why, reminding them of past successful changes, and keeping them informed along the way!


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