In Adversity, What Type of Movie Do You Put Your TEAM In?

So – you hear the director say “ACTION!”

You find yourself in the middle of a Hollywood motion picture…

Are you in part of a horror movie?

A romantic comedy?

A suspenseful thriller?

An action adventure?

A war documentary?


Or, is it an inspirational comeback?


Winning teammates understand that ultimately it is THEIR DECISION how the story ends – and how it is defined.

The story you TELL YOURSELF is the one that determines the ending you endure or enjoy!

If you see yourself as a character in a horror movie, there are certain things that you will do and certain feelings that will be part of that experience.


If you instead CHOOSE to see yourself as a character in an inspirational comeback – like Rocky or The Pursuit of Happiness – then you necessarily change the feelings that will be part of your experience.

You give yourself more positive belief and hope and determination when you choose to see yourself as someone in a story of growth and overcoming their circumstances.

And the movie you put YOURSELF in has a huge
(both NOW and coming out of the adversity!)


And eventually you realize that How you do one thing is how you do MOST things!


The same choice you make during THIS prolonged challenge will likely be how you respond when you face daily challenges in the future.

You will either be in the habit of shrinking from and making excuses or being a victim of the circumstances you are in (your movie), or you will be the hero who finds a way to train and get better and conquer your circumstances.

“When you change the way you look at things,
the things you look at begin to change”
– Wayne Dyer


Adversity will be a constant in your life.

Sports are a great training ground to mentally adapt to bad calls, or turnovers, or difficult people.

If you are constantly seeing yourself as the character in a horror film, you will see everything (referees and others) as the reason that you were “killed off.” And that would be the end of your story.

But if you see yourself as part of an inspirational comeback story, then ALL of the thing that rise up as obstacles are just temporary setbacks to the success you will FIND A WAY to create!


And whether it is basketball or business, the team that responds the BEST to adversity is the one who will most likely enjoy success!In every situation or challenge, you choose your response to your circumstances.


You choose the movie that you are going to be a part of.

And that choice will determine what you DO each day while the story is being told.

(By the way. You can find a great list of teamwork movies HERE)


Heroes take initiative and make heroic efforts. They take care of themselves, and they reach out and support and encourage and help to save others as well.

And heroes become positive EXAMPLES for their teammates – and give THEM permission and inspiration to feel and do the same thing.