The Top 20 Team Building Outcomes Your People Will Value

 When considering a team building event, you should know and be prepared to discuss the outcomes that you most value and the take-aways you desire your team to enjoy following the event.

There are virtually hundreds of team challenges and activities available that provide outcomes ranging from trust building, to improving accountability practices, to defining roles, to boosting group morale… 


Each group is different, and your unique mixture of personalities and project requirements brings with it specific needs to ensure that your people are able to work together as productively as possible.

The true value of teambuilding is found in the application of the activities your people will experience and how they are then used as an enjoyable, memorable and impactful tool to drive home a key idea or message that your team needs to internalize.


Here are the top 20 teambuilding event outcomes that most clients value:

1 Exposes existing team dynamics, issues, and behaviors

2 Improves group morale and promotes team bonding amid adversity

3 Increases appreciation of roles, purpose, and group-established expectations

4 Accelerates process of team roles and forming of a shared vision

5 Inspires an appreciation of individual strengths and weaknesses

6 Develops creative problem solving along with time and crisis management skills

7 Illustrates advantages of cooperation over competition

8 Ignites an increase in efficiency and emphasis on sharing resources

9 Enhances Communal support and encouragement and boosts team productivity

10 Inspires better conflict resolution skills and communication

11 Improves decision making and individual leadership skills

12 Increases appreciation of leveraging talents and creating a work / life balance

13 Relieves stress levels through activities that inspire laughter and learning

14 Replaces of limiting beliefs with possibility thinking

15 Inspires ownership and accountability for results in all team members

16 Increases Self-confidence and problem solving skills

17 Reduces turnover of high-performing talent by forging interpersonal trust

18 Develops ability to find opportunities in change and overcome challenges

19 Increases commitment to defined goals at all levels of your organization

20 Promotes individual and group growth with fun and memorable experiences


Obviously, your appreciation or personal ranking of the teambuilding outcomes above will be based upon your current situation and group dynamics.  You will likely have noticed and highlighted the outcomes or take-aways that your team would most benefit from.

But for any leader, regardless of situation, there is most certainly a great value in considering the impact that a full or half-day teambuilding event can have on your team.

If you are presently dealing with an issue that one of the above outcomes would help to address, take a few minutes to learn more about a sample team building schedule or visit our teambuilding faqs page.    A teambuilding event can provide a welcome day of laughter and relationship building, or can focus on leadership skills and learning to overcome the adversity of challenges that act as microcosms of the hurdles your group might now, or soon, be experiencing.

Look back at the top 20 list above, note the outcomes that you feel are most relevant to your organization, and contact Sean to discuss how we can transform your group into a more productive team.

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