Stories. Humor. Insights. Sean’s keynote talks crystallize what it means to be a great team.

Watch the video to see how team building speaker Sean Glaze engages and connects your people to help them achieve a new level of personal awareness and commitment.

Entertaining and Inspiring Messages That Build Better Teammates… and Team Leaders

It’s not an everyday event. You have a special opportunity to connect, inform, and energize your employees.

You want each person to walk away with meaningful insights that will help them to become better teammates.

You also want to provide an experience that makes everyone smile and interact together in a way that makes them feel good about themselves and their roles.

When Sean Glaze takes the stage as a teamwork speaker, you’ll see people lean forward. That is when you can sit back and relax, knowing you’ve made the right choice.



The comments from participants were overwhelmingly positive!

Your first presentation set the bar high, then you continued to get rave reviews from our second session attendees as well.  

Thanks for a fun and energizing day with useful take-aways that really helped our people work together better!”

 — Val O’Brien, Southern Company                                                     




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What Does a Team Building Speaker Do?

Energizes your audience with stories, activities, laughter and take-aways!

When it comes to interacting with our teammates, we all have patterns, and out of habit we often cling to them even when they are unproductive. Even, sometimes, when they make life harder for those around us.

Breaking those old routines and tendencies requires an  engaging catalyst that connects us to others and inspires us to change our habits. Changed behaviors are the result of improved awareness… and when your understanding of what is possible is altered, you want to change to experience better results.


Sean Glaze Has Inspired Thousands of People.

Sean delivers that special something that encourages people to let down their natural defenses, and begin to truly listen – then take action on – ideas.  People who hear Sean speak don’t just remember his stories, they benefit from the laughter and lessons.  

His messages have impact.  And he doesn’t deliver canned speeches.

By asking the right questions in advance, and through careful preparation, his entertaining and interactive talks tap into the specific issues that his audience is dealing with…day after day after day. And your people won’t just sit there – they’ll participate. And learn. And grow.

Some will even discover their leadership potential to help others learn and grow.


It’s the Perfect Event Energizer.

Sean is a teamwork speaker who shares entertaining and interactive keynotes that will motivate your people to laugh together, aim a bit higher, and connect more deeply.

They see themselves, and each other, in a different light, rising above their workday frustrations and differences. And they leave thinking about and ready to immediately apply the powerful and practical action steps Sean delivers.


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They walk in as a group of co-workers.

They walk out as an engaged and connected team.


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Choose a Message For Your Upcoming Event

Sean Glaze customizes his topics to address your organization’s needs and circumstances.



Rapid Teamwork: How to Build a Culture of Collaboration   

If you are in a position of leadership and tasked with building cohesiveness and productivity, this entertaining message shares a powerful five-part recipe that leaders can use to bring people together and transform your group into a GREAT team.


Stay Coachable: A Roadmap for Personal Development

Tired of being stuck on your present plateau?  Ready to supercharge performance? The best way to develop your team is to improve yourself and those around you – and this talk defines a four step roadmap your people can apply for continuous improvement.


Intense Trust: The 4 Commitments of Great Teammates

This talk explores the importance of being a great teammate, and the behaviors that build organizational trust. In basketball it is off-ball intensity, but in life it is an awareness that small things make a big difference. Your audience will learn to develop deeper and more productive relationships with coworkers and clients.


Fistitude: The Impact of ONE Person with Passion

Everyone has a leadership role. Even when you don’t hold a specific title or position, you can choose to influence and lead with passion. This talk outlines a five step process for success that will teach your people how to lead positively from where they are and how to remain resilient amid adversity.


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